Getting value FAQs

Health Management Programs

What are HCF Health Management Programs?

Find out more about HCF Health Management Programs.

How can I claim a Health Management Program benefit?

Before you start any program, please check with us to confirm that you're eligible to claim. Check eligibility requirements or call 13 13 34.

Then submit your receipts with the relevant claim form:

We only accept receipts that include:

  • The full name of the member participating in the program
  • The type of program
  • Who's providing the program
  • Where the program takes place (address)
  • Start and completion dates
  • Cost of program (must be paid in full)

Loyalty benefits

Your loyalty is rewarded and limits accrue on many of our extras depending on your level of cover, and the number of years you've been on it. 

To find out more about loyalty benefits on your cover check your product summary at online member services or call us on 13 13 34.

If you upgrade your cover you may have waiting periods before you can take advantage of your increased benefit and limits.