HCF Councillors


The Nomination period for 2020 Elected Councillor Election closed on 19 June 2020. We thank all the members who expressed an interest in nominating themselves for the Elected Councillor position. An announcement about the opening of the ballot for voting by Voting Policyholders will be made in due course.


Key dates for the 2020 election:


Opening date for nominations  

2 April 2020


Closing date for nominations

5pm, 19 June 2020


Nominations Committee determines shortlist of candidates

14 July 2020


Interview Committee interviews shortlisted candidates

29 July – 30 July 2020


Interview Committee to make recommendations on potential candidates to Nominations Committee

6 August 2020


Nominations Committee to determine final candidates and make recommendations to the Board

6 August 2020


Advise interviewed candidates if successful or unsuccessful

7 August 2020


Election held

14 September–12 October 2020


Results advised to final candidates, Board and Councillors

28 October 2020


Results declared at AGM

17 November 2020


HCF Policyholders notified of results

18 November 2020



What is a ‘Councillor’?

Councillors play an important role within our governance framework. The eligibility criteria, term of office, along with the role and responsibilities are set out in the HCF Constitution and Councillor Charter. There are two types of Councillors:

  • Elected Councillors – 16 individuals elected by policyholders eligible to vote (see Nomination for Elected Councillor positions below for information about the next election)
  • Board Councillors – 8 individuals consisting of the Chair of the HCF Board and seven HCF Directors.

Role of Councillors

Councillors are the members of HCF. Policyholders are not members of HCF and have no rights or entitlements under the Constitution, beyond the right, for those Policyholders who are Voting Policyholders, to participate in the election of Elected Councillors and vote on a scheme of arrangement.

The primary role of the Councillors is to see that:

  • accepted governance standards are properly implemented and maintained
  • the organisation is professionally governed and managed for the benefit of all policyholders
  • the Board is held to account for its leadership and management.

As the Members of the Company for the purposes of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth), Councillors also exercise powers that either the Act or the Constitution require are reserved for a general meeting. These include:

  • electing and/or removing directors
  • appointing and/or removing the auditors
  • approving amendments to the Constitution
  • changing the company type
  • setting the director remuneration pool and approving certain financial transactions (such as related party transactions).

Councillors must also attend information briefings convened by the Company.

As HCF is a company limited by guarantee, in the event it is wound up each Councillor undertakes to contribute up to $2 towards the property of the Company where required.

The Constitution prohibits the distribution of any property or profit of the Company to Councillors and requires that all surplus upon winding-up is given or transferred to a person or entity with similar objects to that of HCF.

List of Councillors

At the 2017 HCF Annual General Meeting, Ms Sonia Casanova, Mr Malcolm Fisher, Ms Cindy Hansen and Ms Susan Neill were welcomed as Elected Councillors.

Elected Councillors

  • Ronda A. Bramble
  • Sonia J. Casanova
  • Penelope A. Coombes
  • John A.B. Dunlop
  • Malcolm M. Fisher
  • Cindy L. Hansen
  • William H. Hardman
  • Susan L. Neill
  • Anthony W. O’Hare
  • Richard K.S. Phoon
  • Vivek Prabhu
  • David S. Reid
  • Denise M. Robinson
  • Juliet Seifert
  • Anthony E. Stephenson

Board Councillors

  • Michael J. Bassingthwaighte
  • John M. Barrington
  • Catherine M. Hallinan
  • Claire L. Jackson
  • Mark G. Johnson
  • Lisa M. McIntyre
  • Chris E. Wright
  • Jane T. Southwell

Nomination for Elected Councillor positions

The next election for Elected Councillor positions will be held in 2020.