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You could get 100% back on a range of no-gap services* through our More for You programs - there's care and then there's Uncommon Care.

Our nationwide network of participating providers gives you access to comprehensive extras cover at an affordable price.

To find out what services you can claim 100% back on under your cover, log in to online member services and refer to your Product Summary under 'Cover details'.

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Get 100% back on a range of services* each calendar year, like, 1 or 2 check-ups, scale and cleans, a fluoride treatment and 2 mouthguards.

Available at HCF Dental Centres or a participating provider.


You can get 100% back* on a range of prescription glasses (excluding add-ons like high index material, coatings and tinting).

You can also get free digital retinal imaging with your eye test.

Available at HCF Eyecare Centres, Specsavers or Dresden.


Through our partnership with Connect Hearing, you could get up to 100% back^ or a reduced cost on a range of high-quality hearing aids (1 every 3 years).

You can also access free online tools to better understand your hearing.

To find out more go to Connect Hearing or call 1800 693 277.


With our More for Muscles program you could get 100% back* on a first visit with a participating physiotherapist (one per calendar year). 

Find a participating provider now. 


If you're eligible for our More for Backs program, you could get 100% back* on a first visit with a participating chiropractor or osteopath (one per calendar year). 

Find a participating provider now. 


If you're eligible for our More for Feet program, you could get 100% back* on a first visit with a participating podiatrist (one per calendar year). 

Find a participating provider now. 


Did you know we give more back in benefits# to our members for every dollar paid in premiums than the industry average? We're not your typical health fund – we genuinely want you to get great value cover. 
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As an HCF member, it’s important to know what More for You programs are included as part of your cover. To find out which no-gap services you’re covered for, log in to online member services to find your Product Summary under ‘Cover details’.

Our More for You programs have higher benefits so participating providers don't charge a gap for selected services. This means you’ll get 100% back on that service, up to your annual limit.

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The My Membership app takes the hassle out of health cover with fast claims on the go​, payment flexibility and no-fuss cover review.

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Regular vs participating providers

Can I visit any dental, optical, physio, chiro, osteo and podiatrist provider?
You can visit any provider HCF recognises. However, if the provider isn’t part of our More for You programs, it's unlikely you'll get 100% back on the services covered by the program.

If I go to a participating provider, will 100% be claimable under my annual limits?
Yes, if your cover has an annual limit for that service, it will. While you’ll have no gap to pay, the benefit amount for the service will be deducted from your annual limit. Once you’ve used all your annual limit you won’t be able to claim any benefits for that service category anymore.

How much can I get back if I’m seeing a provider who isn’t a participating More for You program provider?
It depends on how much your provider charges for that service. Indicative benefit amounts (how much you can claim back) are shown on your product summary. Anything above that will be an out-of-pocket expense for you. If the charge for your service is less than the benefit amount, you’ll only get the amount charged back.

Does HCF have its own dental and eyecare centres?
Yes, in some states we offer HCF Dental and Eyecare centres which participate in our More for You programs.

HCF Dental and Eyecare are part of HCF, Australia’s largest not-for-profit health fund, which means, we’re never compromised in putting you and your health first.

Claiming, out-of-pockets, benefits and limits

What’s the difference between a benefit and an annual limit?
A benefit is the amount your cover allows you to claim back for each service a provider delivers. The benefit amount depends on your level of extras cover and each service is subject to a maximum amount known as an ‘annual limit’ that you can claim every year. Once you reach your annual limit for that extras service, you can’t claim anymore benefit amounts for that calendar year. Some services don't have an annual limit and instead accrue over time. Your product summary tells you which these are.

When do waiting periods apply?
Waiting periods apply when you:

  • join HCF
  • rejoin after a break in cover
  • upgrade your cover or reduce your excess.

I’ve recently switched to HCF what can I claim?
If you’ve switched from another health fund, you may not need to serve waiting periods, if:

  • your HCF cover includes the same level of benefits and services as your previous cover; and
  • you’ve served the equivalent waiting periods with your previous fund (except for hearing aids).

To avoid serving waiting periods again when switching between funds, you’ll need to have switched from another Australian registered health insurer or an international health insurer belonging to the International Federation of Health Plans, and to have joined within 1 month of ending your previous membership. These rules also apply if you’ve switched from another HCF product.

Unfortunately, when you switch funds, you can’t transfer over any loyalty rewards, including increased limits. If you joined HCF during a special offer, some waiting periods might be waived. Get in touch with us to check which waiting periods may apply. To see what waiting periods apply for different services log in to online member services to find your Product Summary under ‘Cover details’.

Does everyone on my policy have their own annual limit?
This depends on your level of cover. To find out what your annual limit looks like, log in to online member services to find your Product Summary under ‘Cover details’.

How do I claim on extras services?
The easiest way to claim is by using your membership card when visiting a recognised provider. You can also claim through our My Membership apponline member services or at a branch.

For more detailed information on claiming, log in to online member services and go to ‘Claims’. 

Get in touch

I have more questions about my extras - how do I get in touch?
We’re here to help, if you have any questions about your extra please contact us.


Eligible members can access a range of health and wellbeing support and financial relief, to give you faster, easier access to care you may need. This includes mental health support, telehealth services and hospital treatments at home.
Learn more: COVID-19 support

important information

*100% back from providers in our No-Gap network is available on selected covers. Waiting periods and annual limits apply.

#89.2% compared to 85.6% across the industry. Calculated based on the average of the past 10 years, sourced from APRA Statistics: Private Health Insurance Operations Reports 2014-23.

^Subject to your level of cover.