Staying on top of your family’s health can be daunting, confusing and complicated. That’s why we’ve partnered with Snug Health, to make managing your health and the health of your family simple and seamless.

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HCF members have access to a free customised Snug app*, which includes:

  • the option to connect with the Government's My Health Record, giving you access to all your important health information in one secure place
  • access to your family’s health information through the Circle of Care function, so that you have their information available at all times and in emergency situations
  • the ability to integrate with personal health devices and track your health and wellbeing over a period of time
  • gain deeper insights into your health and wellbeing through a digital health check questionnaire and be guided to a range of personalised HCF wellbeing resources^ through a virtual coach+.
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  • Log into the My Membership app or Online Member Services.
  • Go to 'My Health' and read more about Snug.
  • Click 'Register now'.
  • Complete your registration on the secure member registration page.
  • Click ‘Download app’ and sign in to get started.

If you choose to connect My Health Record to Snug:

  • In the Snug app you’ll be prompted to link your My Health Record or click the ‘My Health Record’ ribbon on the main dashboard.
  • Follow the prompts and consent process.
  • Once your details are validated, you’ll see a message confirming My Health Record is successfully set up#.
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“We’ve got three little boys, all with different needs, so having all health information in one central location that my husband can also access is amazing.”

Georgia, Snug app user

Connecting to My Health Record, family health records and health devices

What’s My Health Record?

The Government’s My Health Record contains a summary of your key health information, which is stored securely online. It contains medical history that you choose to add or give your healthcare provider permission to upload, which includes your:

  • GP consultations
  • vaccination records
  • hospital admissions
  • prescription medicines
  • x-ray and blood results.

It's your choice to connect My Health Record to your Snug account. You can still update any health data you choose in the app manually. You can find more information about this service on the Government's My Health Record website.

How do I view my family member’s records?

You can share and/or access medical information with family members and health professionals with the relevant consent and permissions through Snug’s Circle of Care feature, to provide easy access to your family’s health records. You can add and remove people from this tool at any time. If you're adding someone like a partner or parent who doesn’t have a Snug account already, you can upload the information for them into your account (with their consent). If you're adding someone who has a Snug account already, you’ll need to request admin access to be able to view their My Health Record, but you'll still be able to view their other health records without admin access. Children over the age of 14 can have their own Snug account and will need to give permission to allow access to their health information. If you require support or help, please email support@snughealth.com.au

What personal health devices can I connect to?

Snug connects to a vast range of wearable fitness devices, Bluetooth scales, blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, and glucometers** through a real-time network called Human API that specialises in secure health-data exchange. This can help you to:

  • manage your weight
  • monitor your exercise
  • monitor your sleep.

Find out more about this on Snug’s website.

Privacy and security

How secure is my data and can HCF access my Snug account?

If you click through to the Snug registration page from our app or Online Member Services, you’ll be taken to a secure webpage only available to HCF members. Snug solely operates within Australia, so all privacy and data collection complies with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Australian Privacy Principles.

HCF won't have access to information you store on Snug or be notified when you've downloaded the Snug app. If you choose to connect your account with My Health Record, Snug will validate your membership number, name and date of birth with HCF to confirm you’re a member. We will not disclose any other information about you to Snug.

The only information Snug Health will receive is the personal and health data you provide about yourself and your family, when you register to use the Snug app. Snug Health will manage your information in accordance with their privacy policy.

Subscription information

How much is a Snug subscription?

The HCF customised Snug app is free for all HCF members with a health insurance product (excluding Overseas Visitors Health Cover) until 31 December 2024*. Thereafter, HCF may choose to extend the offer or at the end of the trial, your account will revert to the standard offer and charges will apply. Members may also choose to downgrade to the Snug Lite version at no charge.

I have a Snug account or already have the app downloaded to my device. How do I get free HCF customised Snug subscription?

Follow the sign up instructions and at the registration page, instead of completing your registration details again, go to ‘Already have a Snug account?’ and click ‘Log in here’. Enter your existing account details and you’ll be ready to start your free HCF customised Snug experience.

How do I know I am getting the HCF customised Snug subscription?

One of the Snug features only available to HCF members is the virtual coach chatbot. If you’re logged in as an HCF member, the chatbot should pop up asking you to choose one of three Avatars. The Avatar you choose will answer your questions and refer you to HCF health and wellbeing resources and services which will be subject to your eligibility to access those services. You’ll see the Avatar you choose on the top right hand corner of the screen and can access it at any time.

Getting in touch

How do I know if I’m eligible to access the Snug app and its services?

All members above the age of 14 who hold an HCF health insurance product (excluding Overseas Visitors Health Cover) can enjoy free trial access to the customised Snug app at no cost*. Get in touch with the Health and Wellbeing team at wellbeing@hcf.com.au

I have more questions about the Snug app – who can I speak to?

You can email our Health and Wellbeing Team at wellbeing@hcf.com.au we’ll aim to get back to you in 2 business days. Or email the Snug Support Team at support@snughealth.com.au


* All HCF members above the age of 14, who hold any HCF health insurance product (excluding Overseas Visitors Health Cover) are eligible for access to a customised Snug app at no cost until 31 December 2024. HCF may choose to continue to pay the cost after 31 December 2024, but if not your account will revert to the standard offer and charges will apply. Members can downgrade to the Snug Lite version at no charge.

^ Participation in Health and Wellbeing programs is subject to eligibility criteria.

+ This is not intended for medical emergency situations. This is not a diagnostic service and does not replace a consultation with a health professional.

# There may be a waiting period of up to 48 hours before your My Health Record appears in the Snug app.

** This is a notification service and is not a diagnostic service. It does not replace a consultation with a health professional.