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6 digital mental health services for members

Digital health services have been around for some time, but thanks to COVID-19, they're more popular than ever and go a long way to keeping people connected to their health. Our new mental health programs are designed for the whole family and can be accessed online, wherever you may be.

“Almost all of us will face stress, anxiety or depression at some point during our lives,” says Linda Opie, HCF’s Head of Health and Wellbeing. “And at HCF, we know mental wellbeing is just as important as physical wellbeing.”

As a result of COVID-19, many people are facing increased levels of stress, anxiety or depression – and yet, some traditional in-person mental health support services have become more difficult to access as a result of lockdown and social isolation.

The good news is that, at HCF, your mental health is part of our commitment to Uncommon Care. So, we’ve joined forces with six digital health providers that provide mental health support to our members and their families in the comfort and safety of their own home.

1. GP2U

GP2U Telehealth Australia allows users to speak to a doctor through video, giving access to information about mental or physical health without having to visit a clinic.

The GPs at GP2U can discuss your concerns over video and if needed issue prescriptions, sick notes and specialist referrals. If you’re worried about your mental wellbeing and have a mental healthcare plan, GP2U is a great place to start.

You may also be able to access bulk-billed online GP services with your current provider. GP2U has a unique partnership with HCF, no other private health fund offers these resources to members.

All HCF members have access to online GP consultations through GP2U for free* for a limited time. See for offer end date.

How to get started: Learn more about GP2U.


Prefer your own couch for psychology or psychiatry appointments? Speak to a PSYCH2U expert about your concerns or symptoms, they can guide you to get the mental health support you need through online counselling.

They can also issue prescriptions if needed and you can ask to see the same mental health professional throughout your journey. Some sessions are currently bulk-billed through Medicare because of COVID-19 and some sessions are available free of charge to eligible HCF members^.

How to get started: Call PSYCH2U on 1300 472 866 or contact us at

3. Calm Kid Central

HCF members with hospital or extras cover have access to Calm Kid Central+, an online educational and support program to help kids aged 4-11 learn to act bravely and confidently, behave in positive ways, develop good friendships and manage tough life situations.

The program includes online courses, video lessons, activities and animations to help them understand and better manage their feelings. There is also confidential access to an experienced child psychologist who can answer your questions within 48 hours. Plus, there are resources for children who are worried or unsettled by COVID-19.

How to get started: Email to check if you’re eligible.

4. This Way Up

For those who prefer a self-help approach to online counselling, THIS WAY UP# is a not-for-profit online hub offering a suite of interactive courses to help manage symptoms of a range of conditions like worry, anxiety, depression and social anxiety.

How to get started: From 1 July 2020, if you access the courses without a supervising clinician the cost is $59 for each course. However, if prescribed by a clinician the courses are free.

5. Woebot

Prefer to communicate by text? Woebot# is a ‘chatbot’ telehealth service developed by psychologists from Stanford University. A friendly and empathetic robot, Woebot can be messaged about your feelings and it will respond with questions, tips, insights into your patterns and conversations to help you work through depression, anxiety and stress – all based on years of research in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

How to get started: Download the free app on Apple's iOS app store or in the Google Play Store.

6. Hello Sunday Morning

Reset drinking habits with the Daybreak app**, Hello Sunday Morning’s online behaviour change program giving you access to 24/7 digital support. The program connects you anonymously with a like-minded online community trying to change their relationship with alcohol.

The Daybreak app is fully subsidised by the Australian Department of Health, which means all Australians get free access.

HCF members may also have access to additional mental health support. For more information contact HCF’s Health and Wellbeing Team at

How to get started: Download the Daybreak app on the App Store or Google Play.

If you or your child are struggling with depression or anxiety, and need to speak to someone now, call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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*Some members may be eligible for Medicare benefits for a telehealth consultation with GP2U, in which case GP2U will bulk-bill those members. For mental health services, you will need a mental healthcare plan from your GP to access support. For all other services, HCF will pay the GP2U consultation fee for a limited time. See

^Must have HCF gold level hospital cover for at least 2 months. Other eligibility criteria apply.

+Excludes Accident Only Basic cover and Overseas Visitors Health Cover.

#This service is not affiliated or associated with HCF in any way. You should make your own enquiries to determine whether this service is suitable for you. If you decide to use this service, it'll be on the basis that HCF won't be responsible, and you won't hold HCF responsible, for any liability that may arise from that use.

**You should make your own enquiries to determine whether this service is suitable for you. If you decide to use this service, it'll be on the basis that HCF won't be responsible, and you won't hold HCF responsible, for any liability that may arise from that use.