July 22, 2021

Australia’s leading non-Government funder of health services research, the HCF Research Foundation, is calling on Australian researchers to apply for the next round of funding grants.

The Foundation has invested more than $22 million in research over the past 21 years, making a significant contribution towards improving the delivery of health services for all Australians.

The 2021 round will focus on improving the transition from hospital to community care; demonstrating safe, effective and cost-effective alternatives to hospital care; and approaches that effectively and measurably activate patients’ engagement in their chronic disease and associated health seeking behaviour.

HCF Research Foundation Chair Professor Claire Jackson said the next round of funding would go a long way towards delivering better health outcomes for HCF Members and all Australians.

“The HCF Research Foundation is a driving force behind some of our nation’s most innovative research teams, helping them focus on innovative and translatable health services research that can make a profound difference,” Prof Jackson said.

“We are very proud of the support we’ve been able to provide researchers over many years, helping to make healthcare responsive, affordable, and high quality, and we’re excited to see what the research community has to offer in the next round.”

Previous grant recipient Professor Christopher Pearce and his research team at Outcome Health used their HCF Research Foundation grant to develop an algorithm that correctly predicted 73.7 per cent of Emergency Department presentations within 30 days of a patient visiting a GP. Their tool now allows doctors to take early intervention action to help patients avoid ED presentations.

HCF Research Foundation funding also enabled Dr Mary McCaskill and her team at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead to developed a safe and effective model of care for children presenting to the ED with possible appendicitis. Thanks to the model of care the team developed as a result of the funding, children and their families can spend less time in hospital, and the hospital’s load on surgical staff is relieved and costs reduced.

The HCF Research Foundation Health Services Research Grants 2021 program will deliver funding to the research community from March 2022. Application close August 27. More information about the HCF Research Foundation can be found here


MEDIA CONTACT: Rebecca Page, 0439130400, rpage@hcf.com.au

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