Corporatesocial responsibility


At HCF we know that our success rests on our ability to serve our members, meet their expectations of us as a not-for-profit organisation and to support the communities where we operate.

In order to achieve this, we have in place appropriate policies and practices that guide us to act in an economically sustainable, environmentally sound and socially responsible way.

Our approach to corporate social responsibility is based on five principles:

1. Commitment to our Members

Our commitment to our members is expressed in our mission statement:

HCF’s mission is to be the partner of choice in enabling people to care for their health.

We aim to achieve this mission through the provision of health insurance, health care and life insurance, in a not-for-profit framework that delivers more for our members.

Our commitment to our members is also outlined in our Member Service Charter.

2. Commitment to our People

We know our people are critical to our success. We’re dedicated to providing an inclusive, supportive, safe and respectful work environment where learning and development are actively encouraged. This allows us to attract the best people, build on our existing knowledge base and provide opportunities for employees to develop their skills.

We focus on maintaining high standards in the areas of equal employment opportunities, diversity, employee satisfaction, recruitment and retention, training, work health and safety, health and wellbeing strategies and remuneration. 

3. Commitment to our Community

HCF has a long history of contributing to the Australian community. This contribution is made through good corporate citizenship, behaving ethically, generating value within the Australian economy and by direct community support.

We‘re strongly committed to investing in support of research into health services through the HCF Research Foundation and providing ongoing support to health-related and other charitable organisations. 

As part of this commitment, in 2016 we moved 100% of our international equities into a Socially Responsible Investment Trust (SRIT), recommended by our investment advisors, and that excludes tobacco. Utilising this SRIT saw small holdings in alcohol, controversial weapons, gambling, and fossil fuels also cease.

4. Commitment to our Environment

Care of the environment is a long-standing principle of ours. We’re committed to the sustainable use of resources and legal and regulatory compliance in all our activities, including obligations under environmental legislation.

We act responsibly to minimise and offset the impact of our operations on water and energy consumption and the use of raw materials, including paper. We take care to manage the disposal of clinical waste from our Dental Centres and to comply with community environmental standards. We take steps to improve and measure our environmental impact through the use of appropriate management information systems and participation in industry-wide environmental initiatives. 

5. Commitment to Corporate Governance

We’re committed to maintaining the highest standard of corporate governance and to a transparent and accountable approach to business across all areas. This is supported through a robust governance framework as further outlined in our Corporate Governance Statement.

We’re dedicated to conducting business in strict compliance with applicable laws and with the highest standards of personal and corporate integrity. These standards are defined in our Code of Conduct and apply to all HCF employees.

July 2018