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Recover at your own pace

It’s hard to imagine the impact having an accident or illness can have on your life. What’s more unexpected are recovery expenses like taxis, babysitters and extra rehab.

Here’s how HCF can help with the cost of recovery.

When Abby’s son, Archie, crushed his fingers during a bike collision, she was shocked to learn he needed surgery. “We arrived at the emergency room and I honestly thought they would just bandage up the wounds and send us home, but it turned out his fingers were badly damaged and needed minor surgery,” she says.

The family’s private health insurance covered Archie’s surgery and hospital treatments, but what about other incidentals that were building while managing his care, like parking and food at the hospital, pain medication and time off work to look after him? Thanks to Kids’ Accident Cover from HCF’s Recover Cover range, Abby received a benefit which helped cover these, too.

What is Recover Cover?

Recover Cover is a unique range of insurance products designed to help you take care of the unexpected costs of recovery, like taxis, babysitters and cleaners when you’re recovering from an illness or injury.

They can also help to keep household bills covered while you concentrate on recovering from a serious illness like cancer. Recover Cover can help to keep you afloat if you’re unable to work during your recovery, or take care of your family during their recovery should you pass away.

“Private health insurance is great for covering most of your hospital treatments, but often the costs don’t stop when you leave the hospital – sometimes there’s a recovery journey after that,” says Lorraine Thomas, Chief Officer Product and Innovation.

“Recover Cover can help you take care of the costs of recovery you weren’t expecting that can really impact on your life. If you have a broken leg and you can’t drive your car, you need taxis or other transport to get you around. If you can’t go to the shops to buy groceries, you need meals delivered. Or you might want to get a new device to work on or even a Netflix subscription because you’re going to be spending more time at home during your recovery.”

Recovery with cash in hand

With most policies starting from as little as $2 a week, Recover Cover products are affordable. And unlike private health insurance where your bills are covered behind the scenes, Recover Cover offers a cash payment.

“You can choose how you want to spend the money – it’s really up to you,” says Marlena Kamkolkar, HCF Customer Strategy Manager, Life.

To help our members, claims are settled quickly – in many cases, within five days – and without needing to fill out reams of paperwork. It’s something HCF life member Vivian discovered after she was diagnosed with breast cancer and needed to undergo chemotherapy.

“I was so happy HCF was able to pay me without delay only a few days after I sent in my claim,” she says. “When you’re sick, you really don’t have the time and energy to gather so much information. Recover Cover does make a difference.”

7 ways to cover your recovery

  1. Cash Back Cover: get $5,000 for accidents requiring surgery^, or for a number of serious illnesses. Excludes pre-existing conditions.
  2. Kids’ Accident Cover: covers your child for common injuries if they have an accident in Australia.
  3. Income Assist: up to 75% of your average monthly income+ (up to $6,000 per month for up to 12 months) if you can’t work for more than 30 days because of an illness or injury#.
  4. Critical Illness Cover: a fast payment for serious specified illnesses like heart attacks and strokes.  Excludes pre-existing conditions.
  5. Smart Term: a lump sum if you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness++ or when you pass away to give your family time to deal with their loss.
  6. Personal Accident: a lump sum if you’re over 55 and had an accident that’s resulted in a certain fracture or burn##.
  7. Bounceback Cover: up to $100,000 if you require surgery after an accident, for burns or fractures# or for a range of illnesses, including cancers and certain heart conditions.

Keen to find out more about Recover Cover?

Call us on 1800 560 855 to get a Recover Cover quote or visit the link below to find out more.

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^Surgery must be necessary as a result of the accident and within six months of the accident. +Payment is subject to offsets including any amounts payable from your employer or superannuation fund. Please read the PDS.

#Injury must be caused by an external violent event.

++Life expectancy of less than six months.

##An externally caused unexpected, unintended and unforeseen event.

^^Injury must be as a result of an external violent visible event.

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