Thanks for your interest in the She Births trial. Applications have now closed.


We want to help HCF families prepare for one of the most important times in their lives. That’s why we’re supporting pregnant members to attend the She Births® Weekend Course. This is an antenatal program for couples based on techniques that have been shown in clinical studies to improve birth outcomes for both mothers and babies.


The She Births® Weekend Course is an integrative education program, developed by The Birthing Institute, where you can learn relaxation and pain relief techniques that may assist in the delivery of your baby.

The free face-to-face course runs for 2 days, at a number of venues in the Sydney metro area. In a group environment, you and your partner will learn a number of approaches including yoga, acupressure massage, visualisation and nutrition.

She Births® was a scale-up participant in the 2017 HCF Catalyst program.


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We’re funding 120 pregnant HCF members to take part in the She Births® Weekend Course, to be held in the Sydney metro area.

We’d like to know whether the She Births® Weekend Course can improve outcomes for mothers and babies in the private hospital setting.

In order to find this out, we’ll compare the hospital claims data of mothers who participate in the She Births® trial with those who have not.

We’ll also review the outcomes of short surveys that we’ll send you shortly after registering for the trial and after you give birth.


You may be eligible if you:

  • are pregnant
  • have HCF hospital cover that includes pregnancy
  • have served any relevant waiting periods
  • are aged 18+
  • are able to attend a She Births® Weekend Course in the Sydney metro area when you're between weeks 22 and 36 of your pregnancy. Places are currently available until October 2018.


“This has been a life changing experience for both of us and we’re richer as a result of it. We’re so grateful that we did She Births®. You put me in touch with an intuition and knowledge that was already inside myself. It gave me permission and confidence to trust my natural instinct.”


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Will HCF know that I'm participating in the trial?

Yes. The Birthing Institute will share your personal information with us to inform us if you apply and are accepted into the trial, that we can confirm your eligibility and send you pre and post birth questionnaires.

Will The Birthing Institute be able to see my individual health insurance claims?

We will only share claims information which has been aggregated and de-identified with The Birthing Institute in order to assess the benefits of the program. This information will not contain any names of individuals.

Your information

Registration for the trial will be managed by The Birthing Institute through their website.
If you take part in the trial, The Birthing Institute will collect, hold, use and disclose your personal information for the purpose of conducting the trial.

For more information about how The Birthing Institute handles personal information, including how to access and correct personal information, make a complaint and how The Birthing Institute will deal with such a complaint, please see their privacy policy.

For more information about how we handle personal information, including how to access and correct personal information, make a complaint and how we will deal with such a complaint, please see our privacy policy.