Preparing fora sleep study

Preparing for a sleep study in a hospital or sleep lab

You’ll be admitted for your sleep study on the evening of the study and you’ll stay overnight. If your child is having a study, you’ll be able to stay with them overnight.

You arrive at the sleep lab after dinner, shortly before your normal bedtime.

As you’ll be having sensors placed on your head and body, your face needs to be free of make-up. You may be asked to remove nail polish as well. Men should have a shave, unless they have a beard. Leave valuables and jewellery at home.

Pack something to sleep in, dressing gown and slippers, together with your toiletries and any medication you take before bed or in the morning. Bring a change of clothes for the next day.

Bring a book if you enjoy reading before bed. You can also bring your own pillow, if you like.

Preparing for a home sleep study

Before a home sleep study, you’ll need to go to the sleep lab or doctor’s rooms to pick up the home sleep-testing device. You’ll be given instructions on how to use it.

Before bed remove any make-up and nail polish. Men should shave unless they have a beard.

Having a sleep study

What to expect on the night of the study.


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