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We’re sending your 2021-22 Private Health Insurance Tax Statement to the ATO.

It may take a few days to appear in the myTax portal on the ATO website and with your registered tax agent if you have one.

You can also get a copy from our channels by 18 July 2022. We'll be in touch once your tax statement is available in your HCF inbox.


If you’d like to know what to look for, we’ve created a handy guide to help you better understand your tax statement.
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Getting your Private Health Insurance Tax Statement

When can I expect my Private Health Insurance Tax Statement?
We’ll send your tax statement straight to the ATO as soon as it’s ready, but it might take a few days to appear in the myTax portal. You’ll also be able to find it in your inbox in online member services or on the My Membership app by 18 July 2022.

Will I get a Private Health Insurance Tax Statement this year? 
You’ll get a tax statement if you’re a member who:

  • had private health insurance during the 2021-22 financial year; or
  • paid a premium.

You won’t get a tax statement if you’re a dependant child (up to the age of 25) or a member who only has Overseas Visitor Health Cover. If you had HCF Accident Only Basic cover along with Overseas Visitor Health Cover, we’ll create a tax statement for you.

Can I get my tax information over the phone? 
No, this is private information we can’t share over the phone, but you can request a copy through our self-service hotline by calling 13 14 39 and pressing 2. You can also download your tax statement from your inbox in online member services or through the My Membership app by 18 July.

Why didn’t my adult dependant children get a Private Health Insurance Tax Statement? 
Dependant children aged 18–25 can be covered on their parents’ policy, but your Tax Statement will only list the adults on the policy who aren’t dependant children.

If someone on your policy isn’t named on your tax statement and needs private health information to complete their tax return, let us know by:

Understanding your Private Health Insurance Tax Statement

Why do I need this information to lodge my tax return? 
There are 3 reasons:

  • Your Private Health Insurance Tax Statement shows the Australian Government Rebate amount on your premium.
  • It also shows how many days you had private hospital cover during the 2021–22 year. If you had cover for less than 365 days you might need to pay the Medicare Levy Surcharge.
  • If you took out hospital cover once you’re aged over 30 you may have a Lifetime Health Cover (LHC) loading on your premium. Your Private Health Insurance Tax Statement will show if this applies to you and when it’s due to expire. It’s important to understand the LHC part of your premium isn't eligible for the rebate even if you qualify for a rebate overall.

I have health cover on a shared (family or couples) policy. How do I get my tax information? 
The member listed as the primary policyholder can ask for all the information about your cover and decide where it’s sent.

The primary policyholder can access a copy of the tax statement for each adult on your policy by:

What if my income changed this year? 
The Australian Government Rebate is income tested, so if your income has changed it might be worth checking what this means for your premiums and the tax you pay.

It’s easy to update your income details. Log in to online member services or our My Membership app and go to My Cover to update your details.

If your employer pays for your cover, call  13 13 34 (Mon–Fri: 8am–8pm, Sat: 9am–5pm AEST/AEDT) and we’ll help you.

The Australian Government Rebate

What's The Australian Government Rebate and what does it mean for my private health cover? 
The rebate is good news: it’s an amount the government pays towards the cost of your health insurance premiums. It’s important to know it depends on your (and your family's) income though: the more you earn the lower your rebate will be and if you earn over a certain amount, or threshold, you won't get a rebate.

When it comes to tax time, you’ll need your Australian Government Rebate information to fill in your tax return. You need to use the rebate amounts exactly as they appear on the tax statement when you lodge your tax return.

You can find more information about the rebate on our Private Health Insurance FAQs page.

What's my benefit code? 
The benefit code is what the ATO uses to calculate your rebate amount. It’s calculated on the age of the oldest person covered on your policy. You will find this on the Benefit code column of your Private Health Insurance Tax Statement.

Getting in touch

If you’re having trouble downloading your Private Health Insurance Tax Statement, or have questions, you can reach us by:

Contacting the ATO
If you have any tax-related questions or need help in completing your tax return, you can call the ATO’s Personal Infoline on 13 28 61, visit the ATO website or speak to your registered tax agent or accountant.

Extra Information

For more information on your cover, like who’s included, your level of cover, premiums and benefits: