Wagga Wagga,  05 October, 2016 – HCF, leading not-for-profit health fund protecting Australians since 1932, is once again working with Victor Chang to offer free heart health checks for members at HCF Wagga Wagga.

The Victor Chang Health Check Booth will be operating from 12th October until 14th October, and includes three quick health tests — blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose - to help members understand and track the risk factors that could affect their heart health.

HCF’s 2015 Wagga Wagga program showed 24% of tested members presented with high cholesterol levels, while over half (55%) did not know their cholesterol levels. The 2015 program also showed that almost a quarter (24%) of members tested were recommended to visit their GP for further assessment and health management, showing a real need for local members to put their health first.

HCF Wagga Wagga branch manager, Patrick O’Donoghue, urges local members to take advantage of the simple Heart Health Checks, which will assist with detection of treatable and preventable health conditions.

“At a time when preventive health is as important as ever, we’re proud to offer our members more than just health insurance services. The free Heart Health Checks are one way we hope to empower our local members to take control of their health and make positive and proactive lifestyle changes,” Patrick said.

Last year’s results reveal that residents should remain diligent in assessing and taking care of their heart health, and the upcoming visit of the Health Check Booth is the ideal opportunity for members to achieve this. 

The free Heart Health Checks are available for members with extras cover thanks to HCF’s ongoing partnership with the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, a not-for-profit charity dedicated to fighting cardiovascular disease through research.

Wagga Wagga residents can also make use of the many digital tools and free online resources from HCF to help them reach their health and fitness goals. HCF’s suite of healthy apps includes a Get Fitter app, offering advice and tailored exercise plans, a Be Happier app, including tools to improve mental and emotional wellbeing, and a Quit Smoking app to help smokers stay focused on their smoke-free goals.

Tips for a healthy heart

According to the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, there are some simple ways that Wagga Wagga residents can maintain a healthy heart:

  • Eat a well-balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables and choose lean meats and poultry.
  • Cut down on salt.
  • Aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise every day.
  • Curb your alcohol intake. No more than one or two standard alcoholic drinks per day is recommended. 
  • Quit smoking.
  • Know your risk factors for heart disease.



About HCF 

HCF, leading not-for-profit health fund protecting Australians since 1932, covers 1.5 million members with health and life insurance, community care, travel and pet insurance. 

On average over the last five years, HCF has paid out more cents in every dollar in premiums to members as benefits than the industry average. With over 35,000 specialists participating in its Medical Gap Cover Scheme and more than 10,000 clinicians participating in its 100% back More for You programs, HCF gives members access to quality health care with no gaps or minimal costs compared to non-participating providers. 

To empower members to put their health first, HCF also offers a range of health and lifestyle services including its My Health Guardian health management program, mobile Victor Chang Heart Health Checks and My Global Specialist second opinion service. 

HCF’s national network of retail outlets and Australian-based call centres have earned multi-award winning status. HCF members also have access to low cost, high quality services at HCF Dental Centres and HCF Eyecare Centres. 

Having contributed $50 million to support the health services research funded by the HCF Research Foundation, HCF is devoted to investing in the future of Australia’s health. 

To learn more about HCF go to hcf.com.au/about-us

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