HCF Research Foundation grants additional $1 million to improve health outcomes in Australia

Sydney, 28 March 2017 –  Australia’s leading non-government funder of health services research, the HCF Research Foundation, is providing a further $1,067,000 in funding in 2017 towards research programs aimed at improving the provision, administration and delivery of health services.

The HCF Research Foundation has awarded eight research grants ranging from $40,000 to almost $300,000 – bringing the total funding delivered to more than $16 million across 30 universities, research institutes and hospitals since the Foundation was established in 2000.

The Chair of the HCF Research Foundation, Lisa McIntyre, said “We are pleased to announce the latest grant recipients from around the country, whose comprehensive research projects are designed to significantly improve health outcomes in Australia.

“This year’s successful research projects include implementation of a classification system for maternity models of care to improve health and psychosocial outcomes of mothers and babies; a non-pharmacological integrated care intervention to help patients with severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) control their breathlessness; and a project that aims to address the under-researched area of hospital-acquired malnutrition, a condition which currently affects 30 per cent of hospitalised patients.

“The HCF Research Foundation recognises the importance of research in these areas as part of our broader goal to improve the quality, efficiency, access to and equity of provision of health services in Australia. We’re proud to be the only research foundation that commits 100 per cent of its funding to health services research undertaken by Australian researchers.”

The successful recipients and their research projects are as follows:

Recipient Project Awarded
Professor Kate Curtis
University of Sydney
An evidence-based approach to improving outcomes and reducing hospital-acquired complications in patients with rib fractures: Chest Injury Pathway (ChiP) $291,000
Associate Professor Georgina Chambers University of NSW  Evaluating the influence of models of care on the health and psychosocial outcomes of mothers and babies $219,000
Associate Professor Brett Mitchell
Avondale College
Reduction of catheter associated urinary tract infections in hospitals: a randomised study $171,000
Professor Ken Hillman
University of NSW
Reducing inappropriate admissions and long hospital stays to improve health management for elderly patients $150,000
Natalie Simmance
St Vincent’s Hospital (Melbourne)
Identifying and reducing hospital-acquired malnutrition $86,000
Professor John Wheatley
Western Sydney Local Health District
Randomised controlled trial of a non-pharmacological integrated care intervention to reduce breathlessness in patients with severe or very severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) $60,000
Dr Jannine Bailey
Western Sydney University
Pharmacist-led Home Medicines Review at Orange Aboriginal Medical Service: Implementation and Evaluation $48,000
Associate Professor Mark Gillett
Northern Sydney Local Health District 
Impact of assessing and forwarding to GPs a Drug Burden Index in elderly patients discharged from Emergency Department $42,000

For more information on the HCF Research Foundation, visit www.hcf.com.au/foundation


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About the HCF Research Foundation

The HCF Research Foundation, now in its 16th year, was established in 2000 as the HCF Health and Medical Research Foundation to fund health and medical research for the benefit of all Australians. In 2008, the focus was moved towards health services research, an area of research which does not receive large funding dollars from other sources. In 2013 the name was simplified to HCF Research Foundation. The HCF Research Foundation was originally established with a donation from The Hospitals Contribution Fund of Australia Limited (HCF). While HCF has generously donated money to establish the Foundation’s current corpus of $50 million, the HCF Research Foundation operates independently and with specific focus on funding health services research that can benefit all 24 million Australians.

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