Gastric plication

With this surgery, your surgeon makes large folds in your stomach wall, reducing the size of your stomach by about 75%.

This has a similar effect to gastric banding or gastric sleeve surgery – making you feel full sooner.

How the surgery is done 

Your surgeon makes several small incisions in your abdomen to access the outside of your stomach wall. The surgeon then folds your stomach in on itself and secures the folds in place with sutures.

The surgery takes between 40 minutes and 2 hours. Average time off work is 24 – 48 hours.


  • suitable for people with lower BMIs
  • can also help with heartburn
  • the procedure is reversible, but not easily
  • weight loss at 1 year averages 58% of excess weight. At 4 years, excess weight loss averages 68%.


  • unlike adjustable gastric banding, the size of your stomach can’t be easily adjusted
  • risk of complications: 1% – 9%
  • complications include nausea and vomiting lasting a week after surgery, separation of the sutures, leakage from the sutured areas and hernia
  • because it’s relatively new, there’s limited data on long term safety and effectiveness, and the need for repeat surgery: 3% – 8%.


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