Take it easy for the rest of the day after you get home following your colonoscopy.

You can shower and do most activities straight away. You can travel as long as you feel comfortable. While there are no dietary restrictions following a colonoscopy, it’s advisable to eat simple, nutritious food in moderation for the first day.

You can resume your normal medications.


You’ll need to follow up to discuss the colonoscopy results with your doctor.

Watching out for problems

After your colonoscopy, call your doctor if you experience:

  • bleeding (this can happen up to 2 weeks after removal of polyps)
  • severe abdominal pain
  • persistent vomiting
  • a high fever
  • bloating.

Future colonoscopies

If cancer was detected during your colonoscopy, your doctor will probably want you to have regular colonoscopies in the future to check for recurrence. Their frequency will depend on the type and size of the cancer.


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