What is an online doctor?

All GP2U doctors have Australian registration and meet their strict credentialing requirements. A picture and bio is available for all doctors on the GP2U website. 

What health issues can I see a doctor online for?

You can talk to a doctor online about anything from common coughs and colds, weight loss, sexual health issues, emotional wellbeing advice, specialist referrals, prescription repeats and sick certificate requests. GP2U believes around 80% of typical GP presentations can be effectively managed online.

Why use an online doctor?

People use GP2U for lots of reasons. The convenience of having a consultation from home or the office, they prefer NOT being made to wait, to save time, to get an appointment or prescription quicker, because they're away from home and can’t see their normal GP or they don’t feel comfortable seeing their normal GP for a given healthcare concern.

How much does it cost and how do I register?

We know it can be hard to manage your health in a convenient way. Our partnership with GP2U, an online video GP service, makes it easier for eligible members to access telehealth services. All HCF members with health cover can access a standard GP consultation (up to 10 minutes) for a fee of $50.

See hcf.com.au/gp2u for more information. 


Call GP2U: 1300 472 866

Can I get a prescription or specialist referral?

Yes. If the doctor issues a prescription you can have it sent to your chosen pharmacy for immediate pick up. Similarly, if you need a specialist referral it will be available in your account immediately after the consultation.

Will my local doctor get my results?

GP2U don’t send your information or the outcome of your consultation to other doctors unless requested to do so by you. If you’d like GP2U to share information with your family GP or specialist they would be happy to do so.

How does it work?

It’s very simple. Download the free GP2U app, open the app, click the book button and choose an appointment time that suits you. At the scheduled time open the GP2U app, login and click on the virtual waiting room link. Your doctor will appear on time.

How does the video work?

GP2U provides an affordable, secure, and easy to use system which helps make video consultations simple. The video player is built into the GP2U app and will load automatically. If you are using a PC or laptop you’ll need to access the service using a Google Chrome Browser which has an inbuilt video player that works with the platform.