Recipe: Grilled Lamb Shoulder Over Garlicky Tomatoes


Recipe: Grilled Lamb Shoulder Over Garlicky Tomatoes

Searching for something simple yet delicious for dinner? Lamb shoulder is a great cut of meat for the grill or stove top, and the chargrilled flavours will add another dimension to your meal.

Serves: 6–8


  • 1.25kg boneless lamb shoulder
  • 12 anchovy fillets, finely chopped
  • 60ml (¼ cup) olive oil, plus extra for cooking
  • Kosher salt
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • 1kg very ripe tomatoes, sliced 2cm thick
  • 4 green garlic stalks (garlic shoots), thinly sliced, or 2 garlic cloves, finely grated
  • 2 tbsp lemon juice, white wine vinegar or red wine vinegar
  • Flaky sea salt
  • Aioli, full-fat Greek-style yoghurt or labne, to serve (optional)
  • Salsa verde, to serve (optional)
  • Flatbreads, to serve (optional)


  1. Using a knife, separate the lamb shoulder where it naturally wants to separate, into three or four smaller pieces (almost like a few lamb steaks), to ensure even cooking on the grill.
  2. Mix the anchovies and olive oil. Season the lamb with salt and pepper and smear the anchovy mixture over. Leave for at least 30 minutes, uncovered and refrigerated.
  3. Heat a barbecue grill or chargrill pan to medium–high. (Alternatively, heat 2 tablespoons olive oil in a large cast-iron skillet over medium–high heat.)
  4. Grill the meat on the hottest part of the grill until deeply and evenly charred, 5–8 minutes, depending on the thickness of each piece, flipping frequently to avoid burning. (Or sear in the skillet until golden brown on all sides, 3–5 minutes per side.) Transfer the lamb to a cutting board to rest for 10 minutes.
  5. Meanwhile, place the tomatoes on a large serving platter and season with salt and pepper. Scatter with the garlic, sprinkle with the lemon juice and set aside.
  6. Thinly slice the meat and place immediately atop the tomatoes, letting the juices mingle. Sprinkle with flaky salt.
  7. If desired, serve with aioli, salsa verde and/or flatbreads.

Chef’s Note:

The aioli, salsa verde and flatbreads are all optional, but I highly recommend at least one or all three, throwing the bread on the grill to warm up and catch a little char as the meat rests, to drag through the tomato-y, garlicky lamby juices.

Images and text from Nothing Fancy by Alison Roman, photography by Michael Graydon and Nikole Herriott. Hardie Grant Books RRP $45.00.

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