At HCF your health comes first

Thanks for taking part in our research on knee and hip replacement. This study is just one of the ways we’re helping members like you make informed decisions about your healthcare.

How it works

We want to measure how much your surgery improves your quality of life in areas like pain reduction, your ability to do day-to-day activities and your general wellbeing. We’ve worked with experts at the International Consortium for Health Outcome Measurement to create a survey to help us to do this. We’ll follow up with you at 3 and 12 months after your surgery to see how you’ve progressed.

Your insights can help other members decide what type of treatment is right for them, and help you make decisions about your ongoing care. They can also provide valuable feedback and learnings to Australian healthcare providers and the broader community.

Your privacy

We appreciate that you’re agreeing to share your personal and health information with us, so we want to ensure you understand what we’ll be doing with your survey responses. 

Participation in the study is voluntary. There won’t be any negative consequences if you choose not to participate. If you choose to participate, the information you provide won’t affect your health cover or premiums in any way.

While our research results will normally be presented in an aggregated de-identified form, we may share your survey results with the hospitals and doctors who treated you, to help them understand how their health care and services have met your needs. Learn more about your privacy.

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