Alternatives to inguinalhernia repair

There may be some alternatives to hernia repair surgery

  • Watchful waiting.  Hernias can be painless for some time. If you have no discomfort, you might be able to wait before having surgery. That is, unless an inguinal hernia occurs in a woman or child, because there’s a high risk of complications in these cases. Be careful if you’re travelling, as your travel insurance may not cover you for complications of a pre-existing condition like a hernia.
  • Hernia trusses or belts. Discomfort from an inguinal hernia can be temporarily relieved with a truss or belt that provides pressure and support over the area of your hernia. They’re available at some pharmacies. A truss or belt should be fitted by a healthcare professional to reduce your risk of complications.

Types of inguinal hernia surgery

Your repair may be performed as keyhole or open surgery.

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