Grommet placement is a minor procedure but your doctor may recommend some post-operative precautions.

Keeping the middle ear dry

After grommets have been put in, you’ll need to keep your ear dry. Your doctor will advise you on aftercare, how to keep water out of the ear and for how long. Your doctor may recommend special earplugs that you can get from an audiologist (hearing specialist).

Resuming normal activities

Apart from bathing and swimming, you’ll probably be able to get back to normal activities within a few days of the procedure.


You’ll need to see your doctor to make sure the grommet is in the right place and working well. They may also check your hearing.

Watching out for problems

After the procedure, call your doctor if:

  • you get a fever
  • there’s a bloody discharge from the ear
  • ear pain persists or gets worse
  • you get dizzy or fall down a lot.


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