Going toHospital

You’ll be admitted to hospital on the day of your procedure and normally you’ll go home afterwards.

You may have to fill out a consent form if you haven’t done this already.

Waiting to go into theatre

Expect to wait around for a while, as you may not be first on your doctor’s procedure list.

You may be given a choice of sedation for the procedure

The anaesthetist may offer you the choice of anaesthetic throat spray, sedation, or neither for your procedure. Both anaesthetic throat spray and sedation will make your procedure more comfortable.

Sedation will make you feel sleepy and relaxed. It’ll reduce your awareness of the procedure and any associated discomfort. If you have sedation, you’ll have to wait around until it’s worn off before you go home. You’ll also need someone to accompany you home, as you won’t be safe to drive or travel alone.

Sedation is normally given through an intravenous cannula. If you have sedation, the doctor may also give you some fluids through the cannula as well as oxygen through a nasal cannula.

Anaesthetic throat spray will numb your throat so the gastroscopy tube is easier to swallow. This option won’t prevent you from driving home and you won’t have to wait at the hospital until it’s worn off. However, you may be unable to eat or drink while your throat is numb as there’s a risk you could swallow food or fluid into your lungs and cause pneumonia. The spray may leave a bitter aftertaste.

Your procedure

What happens in the procedure room.


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