after yourProcedure

When your gastroscopy’s finished, you’ll be taken to a recovery room.

Your doctor may come and talk to you in the recovery area about the findings, and provide any additional information you need to know. They’ll also give you instructions about how soon you can eat and drink, plus other advice for resuming your normal routine.

You may feel bloated from air introduced during the procedure.

If you didn’t have sedation, you can go home. If you had sedation, you’ll have your IV cannula removed and will have to wait until your doctor decides you’re fit enough to go, and the person taking you home has arrived. You won’t be safe to drive after sedation.

If you’ve had anaesthetic throat spray, you’ll need to wait until it wears off before you can eat or drink.

The results of any biopsies will take several days.


Resuming activities and watching out for problems.


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