HCF uses data to push the envelope on Australian customer service standards

Sydney, 27 October 2015 - HCF, Australia’s largest non-profit health insurer, has achieved one of the highest scores in Australia against the International Customer Service Standard (ICSS), driven by a cultural change program and an increased focus on enhancing mobility and data analytics.

This is the second year that HCF’s ICSS score has placed it in the top tier of customer-service leading organisations, and it remains the only private health insurer certified by the authorising body, the Customer Service Institute of Australia (CSIA).

In its customer service report card, the CSIA commended HCF’s plans for increased mobility, sophisticated data analytics and predictive behaviour model to better understand and meet customer needs.

HCF’s Moving Mindsets initiative, a program that empowers staff to embrace new thinking, was recognised for helping to drive a customer-centric cultural shift within the organisation.

CSIA’s CEO, Anouche Newman said: “The recertification showed that HCF has retained its leading position in delivering an enhanced customer experience. One example of its innovative approach is the HCF-wide deployment of the Moving Mindsets program driving organisational change. The tagline ‘organisations don’t change, people do’ epitomises the HCF approach to successfully driving behavioural change by engaging its staff as the change agents.”

The CSIA also praised HCF’s new customer feedback program. The program is a step above the industry standard Net Promoter Score and involves customers providing real time customer feedback that will be shared with all levels of management within the organisation.

HCF’s Managing Director, Shaun Larkin, said of the recertification, “HCF is proud to once again be the only Australian health fund to receive certification to the ICSS, and to improve on our high score from last year.

“Our high performance in certification demonstrates our commitment to update and adapt to new technologies and set the standard in a competitive industry. Retaining and building on our reputation in quality service for our members is our main priority.”

Accreditation to the ICSS follows a stringent assessment process, including evaluation of customer service across HCF’s outward-facing and internal business units.

HCF ICSS accreditation

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