HCF announces new flexible product range putting customers more in control

Sydney, 23 March 2015 - Australia’s largest non-profit private health insurer, HCF, has launched a new product range offering increased flexibility and value for members.

The new range features four hospital options and five extras options, which members can mix and match to create the cover best suited to their needs and budget. It also includes a purpose built hospital and extras package designed specifically for young singles and couples looking at taking out their own private health cover for the first time.

Members can select their own hospital and extras package, or choose to take stand-alone hospital or extras cover. Extras cover options start from as little as $2.35 per week, and hospital cover options from $15.30 per week, and there will be no change in the price of the new range when premium increases come into effect on 1 April, 2015.

In addition, the new HCF extras cover range is designed so that members will on average receive a higher rebate for inidvidual visits to an ancillary care provider, ensuring returns are balanced more evenly across HCF’s membership base. An added benefit is the ability to get back 100% of the provider charge on selected therapies and services, depending on the level of cover chosen.

HCF’s Chief Sales Officer, Danny Saksida, said the new range followed extensive research that showed most health insurance customers wanted greater control of their health cover options.

“We know there are increasing cost pressures facing Australian families, and our new range helps members to maintain the best level of health cover possible for their own individual circumstances,” Mr Saksida said.

“Our consumer research revealed flexibility and the ability to mix and match different hospital and extras cover is a priority for customers when it comes to private health. We’ve delivered that flexibility in a simple and effective range of products.

“As Australia’s largest non-profit fund, our focus is on delivering value for members not shareholders. We’re committed to providing a range of affordable options for the benefit of all members, no matter what their level of cover.”

Existing HCF members have been notified of the changes and given the option to to move to the new products.

HCF new product range

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