HCF launches major improvements to mobile app

Sydney, 16 July 2014 - Australia’s largest not-for-profit health insurer, HCF, has announced significant improvements to its mobile app, including a photo-based claims processing tool that will make HCF members’ claims processing among the fastest in the industry.

Now HCF members will be able to submit claims via a photo uploaded through the app, which is then scanned automatically and processed within minutes. The HCF app, available on Apple and Android devices, has been developed by ReadSoft, a global leader in document process automation.

HCF is the first ReadSoft customer globally to automate claims through a mobile app. The new system will significantly streamline HCF’s claiming systems, improving productivity while also making it easier and more intuitive for members to claim.

Commenting on the changes, Patrick Shearman, Chief Information Officer of HCF, said: “We’re delighted at the improvements that have been made, in close partnership with Readsoft, to our mobile functionality. Ultimately, the claiming process is now faster, more convenient and, importantly, more efficient.

“HCF is always looking to improve the claims process from a customer service perspective, and today’s announcement represents another significant step in that direction,” Mr Shearman said.

The ability to lodge claims via photos was only one of the changes announced today. In addition, members with an extras policy can check their remaining limits for the year, helping them to make the most of their policy, as well as find out how much they’ll get back on a specific extras service to help them to plan their finances.

See the footage of the app on Channel 9’s 12 July Today show.

HCF upgrades mobile app

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