HCF Life Board

Mark J. Gallagher
Chair, Non-Executive Director

Mr Gallagher was appointed Chair of the Board of HCF Life in December 2013 having been a non-executive Director since February 2008. He is an actuary and has extensive experience in the insurance industry.

Mr Gallagher was a member of the Executive Board and Head of Product Management of Swiss Re Life & Health, one of the largest reinsurance companies in the world, and was the Chief Executive Officer of Swiss Re Life & Health Australasia from 1997 to 2000. Mr Gallagher also served as the Chief Executive Officer of Mercantile & General Australasia from 1993 to 1997.

Mr Gallagher’s most recent fulltime executive role was as a life risk specialist for the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) from 2006 to 2008. In 2014 he was appointed a Director of Pacific Life Re (Australia) Limited and in May 2018 as Chair and Director of Very Next Pty Ltd.

Nancy S. Fox
Non-Executive Director

Ms Fox was appointed to the Board of HCF Life in February 2012 and is currently Chair of the Risk and Compliance Committee. She has more than 25 years’ experience in the financial services industry in Australia, Asia and the US and has held senior executive investment banking positions with Ambac Assurance Corporation, ABN Amro, AIDC Limited and Citibank. Ms Fox is a lawyer by training and was admitted to the Bars of New York and New Jersey (now retired).

Ms Fox is currently a Director of Perpetual Limited and since July 2017 the Chair of Perpetual Equity Investment Company Limited. She is a Director of the Australian Theatre for Young People, the Taronga Conservation Society Australia and the Lutheran Layperson’s League. In August 2017 she was appointed as a Director of Lawcover Insurance Pty Limited and Lawcover Pty Limited and in May 2018 as a Director of ING Bank Australia.

Ms Fox has previously served as Chair of Adelaide Managed Funds Limited (a subsidiary of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank), and was a Director of APA Ethane Limited until September 2016 and Kinetic Superannuation Limited, as trustee for the Kinetic Superannuation Fund, until July 2017.

Robert J. Goaley
Non-Executive Director

Mr Goaley was elected Chair of the Board of HCF and Manchester Unity in November 2012, having been a Non-Executive Director of both companies since January 2009. He was appointed a Director of HCF Life in November 2012.

As Chair, Mr Goaley led the transformation of the HCF Board and the introduction of a new constitution to reflect HCF’s commitment to its not-for-profit mutual status and the need to adopt contemporary governance processes in a highly regulated and complex industry. Mr Goaley is committed to the Australian Institute of Company Directors’ initiative to target 30 per cent female representation on Boards and has delivered on this during his tenure.

Between 1980 and 2002, Mr Goaley held a number of roles at Manchester Unity including 15 years as Chief Executive Officer. During his tenure as CEO he led the process of re-registration of their health insurance business and an increase from $40M to $450M worth of net assets prior to being acquired by HCF. He was responsible for the establishment of Manchester Unity’s Retirement and Aged Care Services business which comprised over 360 retirement units and aged care beds. 

Mr Goaley has extensive experience at executive, Board and Chair level in private health insurance, friendly society benefits and investment products and the provision of aged care and retirement services. He has worked closely with government as an advisor to the Minister for Finance and Co-operatives and played an integral role in the rewrite of the Friendly Societies Act. 

Mr Goaley was previously a Director of the Australian Health Insurance Association, Australian Friendly Societies Association, the Australian Health Services Alliance, Sydney Credit Union, Manchester Unity Credit Union, Building and Trading, Andrew’s Laboratories and Balmain Tigers. 

Catherine M. Hallinan
Non-Executive Director

Ms Hallinan was appointed to the Board of HCF Life in June 2011 and is currently Chair of the Audit Committee. She has extensive expertise across the financial services industry, spanning: insurance, investments; retail, business and institutional banking; consultancy; strategy and planning; and mergers and acquisitions.

Ms Hallinan’s former executive roles include General Manager, Wealth Strategy at St George Bank and General Manager, Investment Management and Life, at Zurich Australia, where she was also an executive of the holding company and a member of the Global Life Executive Committee. She is currently Chair of Gateway Bank Limited and a Non-Executive Director of St. Catherine’s Aged Care Services, Lawcover Insurance Pty Limited and Lawcover Pty Limited.

Sheena G. Jack
Managing Director

Ms Jack was appointed as Managing Director of HCF in September 2017, having held the position of Chief Executive Officer since August 2017. She was appointed as a Director of HCF Life in August 2017, a Director of the Corporate Trustee of the HCF Research Foundation in September 2017 and appointed to the Board of Manchester Unity in November 2017.

As Chief Financial Officer at HCF from 2006, Ms Jack led the acquisition and successful integration of Manchester Unity, a transaction worth $256M. In 2014, she was appointed Chief Strategy Officer and was responsible for the development of HCF's 2020 Strategy, a five year strategic roadmap and vision for the business. Focussed on driving innovation, she established HCF Catalyst, Australia's first corporate-backed health technology accelerator.

In her short time as Managing Director, Ms Jack has delivered a new business line in Overseas Visitors Health Cover, launched a new loyalty program HCF Thank You and announced a new organisational structure to reflect HCF’s focus on member experience and business growth. She has also commenced one of the largest programs of work in the business to date, a $140M Systems Transformation project which will transform HCF’s way of doing business.

Ms Jack has more than 25 years' experience as a finance professional and corporate executive across various industries including health and life insurance, banking, superannuation and wealth management. She also has extensive experience across business transformation. As Chief Financial Officer of IAG Financial Services, she had a key role in the creation of Clearview and was responsible for the business integration when they were purchased by MBF.

Ms Jack is also a Director of Private Healthcare Australia, the Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals and Uscom, an ASX listed health technology company.