Travelling for Treatment?

Travel and accommodation benefit

If you need medical specialist or hospital treatment that’s not available locally, you can claim towards travel and accommodation for return trips of more than 200 kilometres under eligible extras products.

From 1 April 2019, when you have an eligible hospital product, you can claim for travel and accommodation for yourself and a carer when you are treated and hospitalised either in a private hospital, or as a private patient in a public hospital. This must be for a covered hospital admission. This benefit is available under all HCF hospital products except:

  • HCF Accident Only Basic;
  • HCF Corporate Accident Only Basic;
  • HCF Ambulance Only; and
  • Overseas Visitors cover

Travel and accommodation benefits are not payable under your hospital cover for non-admitted services, such as appointments with medical specialists. Benefits for specialist medical appointments are payable from HCF extras covers that include travel and accommodation benefits, up to your annual limit.    

Some conditions apply so please check the criteria below and your Product Summary to see if you’re covered and the amount claimable.

Important terms and conditions

  • You must be a financial member of an eligible HCF product and have served your waiting period.
  • For eligible Hospital products, the amount claimable for travel is 30c per km travelled in a round trip, accommodation is capped at $50 per night, including the night before and after admission. Your carers costs (if relevant) are also included under this capped amount.
  • Travel and accommodation benefits paid will not exceed the cost of the respective travel and accommodation, and receipts are required for all claims.
  • Your return trip must be more than 200 kilometres from your place of residence and the treating facility.
  • If you have travel and accommodation benefits on both your hospital and extras cover, this benefit is claimed from your hospital cover (you cannot claim on both hospital and extras covers for the same admission).
  • If you are being treated as a public patient in a public hospital you may be able to claim for travel and accommodation under your eligible extras product.
  • To make a claim, your doctor must confirm that the treatment is not available locally.

The HCF Application to Claim Travel and Accommodation Expenses form can be downloaded from or you can contact HCF on 13 13 34 and we can help with any questions you have.