We know not everyone lives close to hospitals or medical specialists and we want to support our regional and rural members who need to travel a long distance for treatment they can’t have locally. 

If you need to travel for your treatment, you may be eligible to claim for yourself and a carer for costs like travel and accommodation for return trips of more than 200kms


To use the travel and accommodation benefit you must have:

  • eligible HCF cover and have served your waiting periods (log in to check your cover)
  • receipts for accommodation, bus, train, car hire or airfare (we don’t need petrol receipts)
  • travelled more than 200kms return from where you live to the treating facility
  • confirmation from your GP, specialist or admitting doctor the treatment isn’t available locally
  • confirmation from your GP, specialist or admitting doctor if a carer is needed.


Benefit feature Extras Hospital
Claiming for car travel 15c/km 30c/km 
Claiming for bus, train, car hire and airfare Will pay the cost of ticket, depending on policy and annual limits Capped at 30c/km
Travel annual policy limits Yes, annual limits apply No limits
Accommodation claim Up to $55 a night combined for both patient and carer, depending on cover Capped at $50 per night combined for both patient and carer
Accommodation annual policy limits Yes, annual limits apply No limits
Admissions as a public patient in a public hospital, outpatient medical specialist and non-admitted services Yes No



Does it matter if I’m going to a public hospital?
If you have extras cover, you may be eligible to claim for travel and accommodation costs if you’re admitted to a public hospital as a public patient. Log in to check if you're covered.

You may also be eligible to claim with your hospital cover if you’re admitted as a private patient in a public hospital.

How do I get confirmation from my GP or specialist about the treatment?
Your GP, specialist or the doctor admitting you to hospital will need to sign section 6 of our Travel and Accommodation Form, confirming:

  • your journey was necessary
  • treatment wasn’t available locally 
  • if you need a carer. 

What forms do I need for claiming and where can I find them?
The HCF Travel and Accommodation Form can be downloaded here or you can call us on 13 13 34 and we can help with any questions you have.

I live in a metro area but need to travel to a hospital in another city. Can I claim this benefit?
Yes, if you’ve travelled a return journey of more than 200kms from where you live, it doesn't matter where you're travelling from as long as the treatment is medically necessary. Your GP, medical specialist or admitting doctor will also need to confirm the treatment isn’t available locally. 

What hospital policies have the benefit?
The benefit is covered in all HCF hospital policies except Accident Only Basic, Corporate Accident Only Basic, Ambulance Only and Overseas Visitors Health Cover. 


How many nights of accommodation can I claim for?
Depending on your level of cover and annual limits, you may be able to claim for the night before and/or after your admission only. If you’re staying in hospital overnight, you may also be able to claim for your carer’s accommodation while you’re in hospital.  

My cover says I can claim for up to $50 but my accommodation is cheaper, so what do I claim?
You can’t claim for more than the cost of your accommodation, so if your accommodation is only $30 per night, that’s the most we’ll cover.


My bus, train or plane ticket is cheaper than 30c/km. Can I claim for 30c/km even if my ticket is cheaper?
You can’t claim for more than the cost of your bus or train ticket, car hire or airfare. 

Application to claim travel and accommodation expenses

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Do you have more questions? We understand there’s a lot to wrap your head around. 

Our friendly team of health cover experts are always happy to help, so give us a call on 13 13 34. We’re here for you seven days a week.

You can also visit a branch or email us. 

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