What’s the travel and accommodation benefit?

Health funds can now pay a contribution (benefit) towards travel and accommodation under hospital cover. So long as those costs are directly related to your hospital treatment. 

While it was included in the government reforms, this change is optional for health funds. We’ve decided to add it to our hospital cover to support our rural and regional members.


Why are you offering this benefit?

We want our regional and rural members to be able to access the hospital treatment they need. That’s why you can also use the benefit to claim towards the travel and accommodation costs of a carer (if applicable) while you're in hospital.


How far do I need to travel to claim the benefit?

It needs to be a round trip of at least 200km. If you’re unsure whether you’re eligible, check in with us beforehand. Call 13 13 34, visit a branch or email us.


I live in a metro area but need to travel to a hospital in another city. Can I claim this benefit?

Yes, it doesn't matter where you're travelling from, if your round trip is 200km you can claim the benefit.


Is there an annual limit for the travel and accommodation benefit under hospital cover?

No, there’s no maximum amount you can claim in a calendar year. The benefit is capped at $50 per day for accommodation and 30 cents/km for travel. Your carer’s costs (if relevant) are also included under this capped amount.


I already have a travel and accommodation benefit on my extras. What's the difference?

Good question. Unlike the new hospital benefit, your extras can cover travel and accommodation when you see your specialist, but aren't admitted to hospital for treatment. 

You can claim a benefit for hospital admissions under your extras too but, unlike your hospital cover, any claims will have annual limits. Log in to check your cover


Will this benefit affect the cost of my hospital cover, even if I’m unlikely to use it?

No. The travel and accommodation benefit will have no impact on premiums this year.