new excess options

What’s an excess?

The excess is the amount you agree to contribute towards the cost of your hospital treatment. We don’t charge an excess for accident-related treatment, for any kids on your cover* or (on some levels of cover) for same day admissions.

With HCF, the most you’ll pay is one excess amount per adult, per calendar year, no matter how many times you claim*.


Why is there a new $750 excess option?

The government introduced the $750 excess for singles and $1,500 for families to give you more control over the cost of your cover. This option adds to our current excess amounts of nil, $250 or $500.

If you choose a higher excess option, be mindful that while you’ll lower your premium you’ll pay more if you need to make a claim for a hospital admission. A lower excess will increase the cost of your cover, but you’ll pay less if you need hospital treatment.

Your choice of excess may vary depending on your level of cover.

*Excludes Accident Only Basic cover.