rt health helping families cover their kids for longer

Tuesday May 3, 2022:
Australia’s first registered private health fund, rt health, has announced it is helping families to keep their kids covered for longer by offering cover for dependants up to the age of 31.
The not-for-profit fund, a division of HCF, has announced the age limit extension for eligible older dependants covered on family memberships to help make healthcare services more affordable and accessible for young people.
rt health Chief Officer Simone Tregeagle said the age limit extension would go a long way towards easing cost of pressure strain for many Australian families.
“At rt health, we know healthy families are happy families – no matter how old your kids are,” Ms Tregeagle said.
“We’re doing our bit to help our members have peace of mind and security knowing that they have the option to keep their adult children on their membership for longer.”
rt health will continue to cover full-time students under their parents' cover until they turn 31.
Adult children who are working, and even those that aren’t, can be covered under a Family Extension product. The cost of this cover is less than they’d pay to maintain their family cover as well as a single membership for their dependent.
“Families change over time, with many young adults going into higher education and living with their parents for longer. Providing much-improved options gives our members more control and affordability for their families as they get older,” Ms Tregeagle said.
The Federal Government introduced The Dependant Age Increase Bill last year to allow private health insurers to cover young people who are dependent on their parents for longer, making things easier for young adults and their parents. The change is not compulsory for private health insurers.
You can find out more about rt health’s options to keep your kids covered for longer, go to rt health | Kids covered to 31 (rthealthfund.com.au)


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