As Australia’s largest not-for-profit health fund, we exist for the benefit of our members. To recognise your commitment to us, we’re always looking for new ways to say thank you. 

And thanks to our partnership with Universal Pictures, we’ve been able to do just that. Congratulations to the lucky winners of our Downton Abbey: A New Era giveaway.

Aletta QLD, Alison NSW, Amaraj NSW, Andrew VIC, Angelique NSW, Anita NSW, Annette QLD, Ashley NSW, Belinda NSW, Brian QLD, Catherine ACT, Charlotte NSW, Christine SA, Christopher WA, Claire QLD, Craig QLD, Danielle NSW, Darralyne NSW, Darryl NSW, Edmund TAS, Eliza WA, Emily QLD, Emma SA, George NSW, Georgia NSW, Glen NSW, Goodwin NSW, Harriet NSW, Ian NSW, Jack QLD, Jacob NSW, Jake WA, James ACT, Jeanine NSW, Jeff NSW, Jessica NSW, Jesus NSW, Jo QLD, John NSW, Joseph NSW, Joyce WA, Katerina NSW, Kathleen NSW, Keith NSW, Kevin NSW, Kim QLD, Kodi NSW, Kristie NSW, Kristie ACT, Kye-Ho NSW, Laura QLD, Lillianna NSW, Linda NSW, Louise NSW, Lynette NSW, Lynnette QLD, Marco WA, Maree TAS, Maree NSW, Marilyn QLD, Mark NSW, Merle WA, Michael QLD, Michael NSW, Miriam NSW, Natalee NSW, Parinaz NSW, Paul VIC, Peter NSW, Ra Young NSW, Rachel NSW, Raelene QLD, Rebecca VIC, Regan NSW, Remedios NSW, Reynaldo VIC, Rhonda NSW, Robert C. QLD, Robert U. QLD, Rosemary NSW, Roslyn NSW, Ryan NSW, Sharon VIC, Sharon NSW, Stefan NSW, Stuart ACT, Susan SA, Susanna VIC, Tanya NSW, Tegan NSW, Terry VIC, Thanh NSW, Thomas NSW, Tiiu ACT, Trevor QLD, Vanessa WA, Vera NSW, Yew WA, Yvette NSW, Zhijiong VIC

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