Flip – Australia’s first on-demand injury cover

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Flip – Australia’s first on-demand injury cover

From a white-water rafting adventure, to a few days on the slopes, or a quick surf after work. Flip is Australia’s first on-demand injury insurance, offering quick, simple cover that fits your lifestyle, whether it’s for a week or just the weekend.

Protecting our health is important to all of us, but often in different ways. For young parents, the focus might be making sure you’ve got the right cover for your little ones’ needs. Older Australians might be focussed on the kind of cover that ensures great health, long-term. And young Aussies who’ve just moved out of home or are starting their first job might be more focussed on staying healthy by being active so traditional health insurance might not be front of mind very often.

But we know unexpected injuries happen at every stage of life, and that’s when it matters most that you’re protected with cover that fits your lifestyle.

This is where Flip comes in. A new innovation in insurance that’s designed for those who want peace of mind for an activity or adventure that could last anything from a few hours, to a week, or even longer. Because active people get injured, it’s part of the lifestyle. Even with the protection you get with Medicare, and great value cover with Australia’s largest not-for-profit health fund, injuries can still lead to big out-of-pocket expenses. Flip is there to help lower the gaps, give you peace of mind and ease the stress of unexpected costs caused by accidental injuries, so you can get out and do more of the things you love.

Why is HCF backing Flip?

We believe in Flip’s mission to empower Aussies to be more adventurous, stay safe and recover quickly and to do it in a way that’s never been done before – offering a form of insurance that’s so flexible and created with its end user in mind. It’s cover for people who otherwise wouldn’t be insured or for those who are covered and want an extra layer of protection for their most adventurous days.

“As Australia's largest not-for-profit health fund” says HCF CEO & Managing Director Sheena Jack, “we want as many Australians as possible to have access to quality, affordable protection which is why we’re backing Flip – a new category of injury cover designed to help uninsured and under-insured Australians protect their health and wellness.”

Flip is built to suit the changing needs of consumers. It’s adaptable for young adventurous Aussies looking for shorter-term cover for their sporadic sporting adventures. But it’s also a valuable addition for those who have private cover but want cash protection if they do get injured and need help covering costs that traditional health cover simply can’t.

Sheena explains, “At HCF our history is one of pioneering new services and solutions. Being not-for-profit gives us the freedom and the imperative to develop innovations to better the health outcomes of our members and all Australians. We’re proud to back Flip as Australia’s first on-demand injury insurance, it’s another way we're reimagining how care is designed and driving industry innovation to help our members live healthier, more active lives.”

What is Flip?

Flip was designed with everyday Australians front of mind, meaning it works for everyone, from the fully insured, to the under- or un-insured. It’s a different kind of insurance that covers you for injuries if you have an accident, with fast activation and claims, and no lock-in contracts.

“What I love about Flip is the ability to turn on the cover, or turn it up, on high-risk days,” says freeride snowboarding champion and Flip ambassador, Michaela Davis-Meehan. “There’s no lock-in contract, no waiting period and it’s really affordable.

“And, while you never plan for things to go wrong, injuries happen. When they do it’s nice to know you have that added layer of protection that Flip gives you.”

Every Australian is different and the type of insurance they have should fit their unique situation. Promising quick, simple cover, Flip will bend and flex depending on what you need and when, even if that changes daily. Want cover for a surf trip this weekend? Flip has your back. Need extra protection for a few hours’ mountain biking? Flip has you covered. Want an added layer of security when you’re trying snowboarding for the first time? Flip can get it done.

Flip provides cover that comes at exceptional value – you can get Always On cover for $25 per week for ongoing peace of mind or $7 per day if you’re doing something risky or trying something out for the first time.

From the moment you create an account with Flip, you’re one step away from being covered. There’s no waiting period, which means if the surf is looking good right now, you’re just a few clicks away from grabbing your board. Flip also offers you the ability to super-size your cover when you’re doing your most risky activities, which means you can enjoy your adventures with extra peace of mind. And when you’re done with the action, Flip stops. No more payments, no cancellation fees. All you pay for is the cover you want, when you want it.

A step-by-step guide to Flip

  1. Create a Flip account. Two quick questions and you’re done.
  2. Activate your cover lightning fast. There’s no waiting period.

Read more about how Flip works and if it’s right for you.

Better health and wellbeing – for everyone

While the Flip ambassadors might all be high-octane athletes, they all agree that Flip isn’t designed just for them – it can work for anyone who wants to be healthier, happier, and better protected.

Aussie tennis champ and Flip ambassador, Isabella Bozicevic, agrees, and says Flip provides a great opportunity for everyone. “Flip could allow everyday people to branch out and give them a little bit of courage and a push to either try something new they’ve always wanted to do, or even just to live a more active and healthy lifestyle knowing they have that support in the background.”

And, for the almost half of Australian adults who don’t have health insurance, Flip is an affordable, easy way to get injury cover.

“Flip is a game-changer for people who need cover right now and don’t want to wait,” says Michaela.

“Insurance is an essential for me,” adds Isabella. “I’m always wanting to recover as quickly as possible so I can get back out there again. The process [with Flip] is so easy for all types of people.”

Words by Kerry McCarthy
First published November 2021

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