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Rest easy with our No-Gap Joints program

Have you been delaying joint replacement surgery because it’s too daunting or haven’t been able to afford it? Our No-Gap Joints program makes it easy for you to take back control of your health.

Joint pain and stiffness? Trouble moving your knees and hips? You’re certainly not alone. Whether it’s due to injury, family history, lifestyle factors or simply getting older, joint conditions like osteoarthritis are increasingly common with people of all ages and activity levels.

For many people with enduring pain, the most effective solution is hip or knee replacement surgery and it’s on the rise.

HCF’s No-Gap Joints program

Our new No-Gap Joints program for primary hip and knee replacements gives eligible members* greater access to high-quality care with no out-of-pocket costs from hospital admission through to discharge and post-surgery rehab, with participating private hospitals and clinicians, so you can focus on your surgery and recovery.

We've partnered with 3 Sydney hospitals and 1 Melbourne hospital*, where you’ll have full control over your choice of specialists, ensuring continuity of care with the same health professionals and hospital coordinating your admission and post-surgery care.

The program includes participating surgeon costs for primary hip or knee replacement surgery, pathology and radiology while admitted for your surgery, hospital services including accommodation and theatre (excludes any hospital excess you might need to pay), costs related to an anaesthetist and theatre support to assist with your surgery and rehabilitation, organised by the participating hospital if clinically required.

Eligible members who have held joint replacement cover with HCF for 12 months, and are accepted into the program by the participating hospital and clinician, are covered.

Holistic care when it counts

“Participating hospitals, surgeons and rehab providers in the No-Gap Joints program deliver high-quality, personalised treatment with flexibility for members going through joint surgery,” says HCF’s Chief Officer for Member Health, Julie Andrews. 

“But we understand that the thought of joint replacement surgery can be daunting, so we also want to help you find ways to be fit and strong before surgery or while considering your options. If you’ve been told you need a hip or knee replacement, our Preparing for Hospital guides address commonly asked questions on what happens during surgery, how to prepare, what to expect in hospital, and what aftercare you may need,” she says.

Eligible members can also access programs that encourage you to be your healthiest self before, during and after surgery, to lower your risk of complications and help you recover, or even avoid surgery altogether. These include coaching programs that help with weight loss, chronic condition management and joint pain.  

Our No-Gap Joints program gives eligible members* the peace of mind and confidence to get their hip or knee replacement surgery done, knowing they won’t need to open their wallet at any point through their hospital stay and can focus on what’s important – recovery. Excludes any hospital excess you might need to pay.

Coaching programs to help you be your healthiest self before and after surgery

We help eligible members get fit and strong for a procedure with access to a range of chronic disease management programs.

Healthy Weight for Life: helps eligible members^ with losing weight who are over 18, with a BMI over 28 and have hip or knee osteoarthritis.

The COACH Program: a telephone support program provided at no extra cost for eligible members* with heart conditions or diabetes. You’ll be teamed with one of our qualified coaches who’s a dietitian, pharmacist or nurse, for up to 6 coaching sessions to help you improve your heart health.

To find out more about our No-Gap Joints program call us on 13 13 34 or find out more below.

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^To be eligible, members must meet the clinical requirements of the program and have held an eligible hospital cover for 12 months that covers the relevant condition. For the eligibility criteria see or call 1800 226 180.

*The No-Gap Joints program is a trial program. For terms & conditions and to see the full eligibility criteria for the No-Gap Joints program, visit

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