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Useful Links:

  1. Medicover Registration Form (for new registrations or new locations)
  2. Terms and Conditions for Medicover
  3. Change of Nomination Form (to change between No and Known Gap)
  4. Medicover Change of Details Form (to change bank account or contact details)
  5. Link Provider Form

Latest News

Looking for the latest Medicover Fee Schedules? Click here...

Please note – A review of the HCF Medicover rates has been conducted. To ensure we continue to provide value for our members and support affordability and sustainability into the forward years, some procedures across the specialty categories of anaesthetics, orthopaedic, diagnostic procedures and ophthalmology have been reduced.

These changes will be effective from 1 January 2020.

You can access these new rates before 1 January 2020 by logging into this portal from 13 December 2019.

For more information or for any questions on our Medicover rates please email

Important Updates:

1.  Medicover Registration Forms

As previously advised, effective from 1 January 2017, HCF will only be accepting the version of our Medicover Registration Form that is available on this website (see Useful Links above). Any other version of the form will be rejected and will delay your registration process.

2.  Move to more efficient claims processing

As part of our continued process improvement journey and our move to scanning of all transactions, from 1 March 2017 HCF will:

  a.  Only be able to accept and process invoices that have only 1 patient and 1 provider per invoice. All invoices not meeting this requirement will be rejected and you will need to resubmit in correct format.

  b.  Be making claims payments only via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) – bank account details will need to be provided to HCF to enable claims payments. We will be contacting providers who do not have current bank account details registered very soon to advise of this requirement – in the meantime if you are a registered Medicover provider you can update bank account details by completing and returning a Medicover Change of Details Form – see Useful Links above.

3.  Medicover Terms and Conditions

HCF revises the Terms and Conditions for Medicover from time to time – it is important to ensure that you keep up to date with these Terms and Conditions as these govern your registration and the Medicover arrangement – the latest version is available under Useful Links above.

Important Information

HCF Medicover Medical Gap arrangement forms

New versions of the Medicover medical gap scheme forms are available on the Medical Provider Portal – see links above. These forms can be used to register for Medicover for the first time, register a new provider number for Medicover, changing details such as bank account or changing nomination between No Gap and Known Gap. Previous versions of HCF Medicover forms made available from May 2015 will be accepted up until 31.12.2016 however all previous versions of forms will no longer be accepted as of 01.01.2017.

Medicover Backdating Policy

If you want to use HCF’s Medicover gap scheme you must apply and be accepted by HCF to participate in your chosen Medicover arrangement for each provider location prior to providing and claiming services for an HCF member.

HCF registers Medicover applications (including additional provider locations) from the date we receive the fully completed application. In special circumstances we will backdate a maximum of 30 days from the receipt date. This means any claims for services prior to the date of registration will not be applicable for Medicover ‘extra benefits’ and claims submitted under Medicover arrangements will reject.

Eligibility for Medicover

Medicover is only available to specialist doctors working in Private Practice. Doctors employed or engaged by a publicly funded facility are not eligible to participate. It is also not available to Pathologists or Radiologists however other no gap arrangements are available.

For more information see FAQs




Contacting HCF

If you have a question about claims/payments or a question not answered by content on our portal, please call us on our dedicated provider line 1800 670 302 available between 8am-5pm AEST Monday to Friday.


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