Terms and Conditions


1. General terms and conditions of use

In consideration of HCF allowing the Provider to access and use its Provider Portal (the Portal), the Provider agrees to the following terms and conditions of use:

  1. The Provider agrees to use and to ensure that the Portal is used only for the purpose of obtaining information about business to business interactions including but not limited to descriptions of processes, forms, schedules, HCF news, and frequently asked questions, to view remittance advices, and where applicable to do member eligibility checks and to transmit HCP data to HCF;

  2. The Provider accepts that all such information made available to the Provider is provided in good faith by HCF and is subject to all HCF website terms and conditions and disclaimers current at the time the information is accessed;

  3. Membership eligibility information accessed by the Provider on the day of admission, or up to 14 days prior to admission, may be relied upon by the Provider as accurate;

  4. The Provider agrees to maintain a hard copy of all membership eligibility information supplied to it by HCF with the memberís medical records, and the Provider agrees to make a copy of the information available to HCF promptly upon request;

  5. The Provider agrees to comply with all laws in its use of the Portal, including privacy laws; The Provider agrees that the HCF Privacy Policy forms part of these terms and conditions. For a copy of this policy, please call our member services team on 13 13 34 or go to hcf.com.au/privacy.

  6. The Provider agrees to keep confidential all information supplied to it by HCF;

  7. The Provider agrees to immediately notify HCF if there has been any failure to observe these terms and conditions or if the Provider receives a complaint from a member for any reason;

  8. The Provider agrees to indemnify and to keep HCF indemnified in respect of any claim for damages or otherwise arising out of the failure by the Provider to observe these terms and conditions; and

  9. The Provider will not extend use of the Portal to any third party without the written permission of HCF.

The expression "Provider" above includes users of the Portal.

2. Assumption of risks

Both HCF and the Provider assume their respective risks associated with the use of the Portal.

3. Privacy and intellectual property

Both HCF and the Provider assume their respective risks associated with the use of the Portal.

3.1 Privacy

The Provider will ensure that it protects the privacy, security and confidentiality of personal information in accordance with the relevant privacy legislation in force from time to time.

3.2 Consent

Use of the member eligibility checking facility, where available, is provided to assist the Provider obtaining informed financial consent and informed admission as a public or private patient in accordance with Federal Government and industry requirements. If this facility becomes unavailable for any reason whatsoever, this does not absolve the Provider from their obligations. In using this facility, the Provider will ensure that prior to use, it has any necessary consent from the member to its use of the membership eligibility check on the Portal.

3.3 Intellectual property

The Provider acknowledges that HCF is the owner of and reserves the right to protect all intellectual property whatsoever in the Portal and the information or the software used to implement the Portal.

4. Provider's obligations

4.1 Provider's users

The Provider agrees to adequately inform, train and monitor its users as to the proper use of the Portal and to notify HCF immediately in writing of any issues that may arise in that regard.

4.2 Usage costs

The Provider will be solely responsible for any costs associated with the Providerís use of the Provider Portal application including the information contained therein. This also includes, but is not limited to, the cost of installation and maintenance of computers, networks, internet connections and third party software such as Internet Explorer.

4.3 Compliance with laws

The Provider will ensure that it complies with all laws relevant to its use of the Portal.

5. User's obligations

All users must:

  1. keep their passwords secure and change them regularly,

  2. only use the Portal for and on behalf of the Provider, and

  3. comply with the general terms and conditions of use set out in 1 above, and the general terms and conditions of the HCF website Terms & Conditions

6. Admin user's obligations

6.1 Monitor and control use by others

The Admin User (the person whose user name on the Portal is "admin" who will be the sole Provider contact for HCF) will control how many and which other persons are able to register and use the Portal on behalf of the Provider, and also the extent of the functionality of each user's registration, and will ensure that use by those persons comply with these terms and conditions.

6.2 Deactivate users when necessary

The Admin User will deactivate users promptly when necessary in the event, for example, of misuse by the user, or the user's no longer requiring access for any reason.

6.3 Reporting adverse events

Where an issue adversely affects or has the potential to adversely affect HCF's relationship with a member, or the systems being utilised, the issue must be documented by the Admin User and brought to the attention of the HCF contact (as notified on the Portal from time to time) immediately.

6.4 Arrange to reassign the Admin User

If the Admin User needs to be reassigned for any reason the current Admin User will immediately notify the HCF contact and arrange for reassignment to proceed.

6.5 Obligations additional

The above obligations are additional to the Admin Userís obligations as a user set out in 5 above.

7. Use controls

7.1 Website terms and conditions

Use of the Portal will be as set out in these terms and conditions as varied by HCF from time to time in accordance with 9 below, and will also be subject to the general terms and conditions of the HCF website from time to time Terms & Conditions, provided that in the event of a conflict these terms and conditions will prevail.

7.2 HCF's right to monitor and terminate use

HCF may monitor use of the Portal, and may terminate use of the Portal where there is a breach of these terms and conditions or if there is a threat to the security of any HCF system. HCF will provide a written notice to the Admin User by email in the event that such a breach or threat has been detected and if the matter is not resolved to HCFís satisfaction within 24 hours of that notice having been sent, HCF may terminate the Provider's use of the Portal immediately.

7.3 HCF's right to audit and information

HCF may, on giving reasonable notice to the Admin User, carry out audits of the Provider's use of the Portal, and/or may require the Provider to supply information about use of the Portal. HCF may suspend use of the Portal until the audit is conducted or the information is supplied, as the case may be.

8. Availability of the Portal

The Portal will generally be available 24 hours per day Ė 7 days per week. HCF will carry out maintenance on the Portal from time to time but where possible it will be carried out during periods when it is likely to cause least inconvenience to the Provider.

9. Change management

HCF reserves the right to change the Portal and if necessary these terms and conditions from time to time.

10. Acceptance of terms and conditions

10.1 Provider and Admin Userís acceptance

In accepting these terms and conditions the Admin User acknowledges that they are doing so both on their own behalf, and on behalf of the Provider, and warrants that they are duly authorised to bind the Provider to these terms and conditions.

10.2 User acceptance

In accepting these terms and conditions the user acknowledges that they are doing so on their own behalf.