Protecting your contributions

HCF is for the benefit of its members- and that includes ensuring your contributions are protected from fraudulent claims. In Australia, fraud accounts for nearly 20% of reported crime and costs Australians over $5.8 billion each year.

What is health insurance fraud?

It is sad to reflect that fraud exists in Medicare and in health insurance. Fraud can be perpetrated by members or providers by billing for services that never took place or for more costly treatment than was actually given. Health insurance fraud costs us all through increased premiums for our private health insurance.

What is HCF doing to detect and prevent fraud?

There is good news. We are looking out for you. We investigate claims abuse, detect where fraud has occurred and stop it happening again. HCF has successfully prosecuted fraudsters.

How you can help the fight against fraud

There are a number of ways that you can help us in the fight against fraud.

  • Never leave your membership card with a provider
  • Always check the details on the receipt
  • Regularly check your claims history by logging onto ‘Members Online’
  • Report suspicious behaviour or irregularities

How to report fraud

HCF has a dedicated and confidential team to deal with these matters. We will always support and protect the identity of anyone who provides information, including respecting your anonymity if you wish.

To report any suspicious behaviour:


Use our online form

HCF Fraud Hotline

1800 727 721


Members can also contact the Private Health Insurance Ombudsman (part of the Commonwealth Ombudsman) on 1300 362 072, an independent body formed to help resolve complaints.

+ Reporting Fraud Overview