How do I get started?

If you're a first time BPAY user, you may need to register with your financial institution by contacting them directly. You only need to register once and you can use BPAY to pay a range of bills including your HCF payments.


  1. Call your phone banking service or log onto your internet banking service.
  2. Select the bill payment option and follow the simple instructions. BPAY banking will then prompt you to select the account from which to pay.
    • Either your cheque or savings account
    • The amount you want to pay
    • Then the biller code and reference number
    To find out your BPAY Reference number, please enter your 8 digit HCF membership number into the box below:
    Your HCF Membership Number:   Go
    HCF BPAY Biller Code: 81646
    Your BPAY Reference Number:
  3. Once you've entered all your details, just wait for the receipt number for payment confirmation - it's that simple!