GP2U was launched by Dr James Freeman in 2011 and was Australia’s first dedicated online medical practice. GP2U conducts patient consultations over secure video and, where appropriate, can arrange prescriptions, pathology requests and specialist referrals.

We know it can be hard to manage your health in a convenient way. Our partnership with GP2U, an online video GP service, makes it easier for eligible members to access telehealth services. All HCF members with health cover can access a standard GP consultation (up to 10 minutes) for a fee of $50.

See hcf.com.au/gp2u for more information. 

Register on GP2U Call GP2U: 1300 472 866

Why use gp2u

1) It’s convenient and private. 
Online GP consultations can take place from wherever you have an internet connected smartphone or tablet, and in the comfort of your own environment.

2) You’re too busy for a waiting room
You chose an appointment time when you book a consultation. Appointments run to time, so there is no waiting, and no need to travel to and from the surgery.

3) It’s hard to get out of the house
There are times when it’s just too hard to leave the house. GP2U allows you to book an online appointment, in your own home, at a time that suits you.

4) You’re too far from a doctor
Online consultations offer rural communities with internet access a much easier way to consult with a GP.

5. You need a repeat prescription
If you know what you need, GP2U can save you time by arranging your prescription to be sent electronically to your nearest pharmacist without having to wait. GP2U are now offering 5 minute appointments for repeat prescriptions.

6. You don’t want to share germs with others in a waiting room
A bad flu can spread quickly. By using GP2U, you’re reducing your risk of passing on your illness to someone else and likewise not catching something yourself.

7. When it’s probably just nothing
Talking to a doctor about a minor health issue that’s bugging you can put your mind at ease so you can get on with life.

8. You just need to see a doctor
GP2U doctors can issue prescriptions, referrals to specialists and provide medical certificates just like visiting a GP in a surgery.

Register on GP2U Call GP2U: 1300 472 866