The COACH Program


We’re always looking for new ways to help you be your healthiest self, so we’ve collaborated with NPS MedicineWise to bring you The COACH Program®*, a free program for eligible HCF members. It's another way we're committed to showing you a level of care that's uncommon.



The COACH Program is a six month phone-coaching program designed to help manage diabetes and heart-related health conditions for eligible HCF members. If you’re eligible you could get up to six phone-coaching sessions and written reports from your health coach who’s a trained health professional committed to helping you reach your health goals.

Your health coach works within guidelines from the National Heart Foundation of Australia and the Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand to help you:

  • identify gaps in your treatment, and create a plan to close them
  • manage your medications
  • improve cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose levels and other health markers
  • control your weight
  • develop an effective approach to nutrition
  • safely increase your daily activity and exercise.

After each call, your health coach will send you a follow-up letter summarising what you discussed. If you want to, your health coach can also send this letter to your chosen doctor, specialist or healthcare provider so they have a copy too.

Of course, any health information or concerns you tell your health coach won't be shared with us.

Remember, the program works alongside advice and treatment plans from your doctor and won’t replace them. Think of it as an extra helpng hand to care for yourself.



If you’re an eligible HCF member, it's free to participate in the program.

We pay for it on your behalf because, as Australia’s largest not-for-profit health fund, we put people before profit.


COACH is delivered by NPS MedicineWise and is run by a team of qualified health professionals.

NPS MedicineWise is an independent not-for-profit evidence-based organisation with a 21-year history in improving health outcomes in Australia.


If you’re an HCF member and you have diabetes or a heart-related condition, and you’ve had hospital cover for at least 12 months that covers heart conditions and vascular system (excluding Accident Only Basic Cover and Overseas Visitors Health Cover), you may be eligible for The COACH Program.

If you’re keen to get started or have any questions, please email us at


*The COACH Program is a registered trademark.

The personal information (including health and other sensitive information) you provide to NPS MedicineWise is used and disclosed only for the purpose of confirming your eligibility and delivering and evaluating the program. If you don’t give this information, NPS MedicineWise may not be able to provide you with the services which form the program.

NPS MedicineWise won’t share your personal information with HCF, other than the information needed to evaluate your service. This information includes your name, date of participation in the program and membership number.

With your permission NPS MedicineWise may disclose your personal information (including health and other sensitive information) to your regular doctor or other health care provider.

For more information about how HCF and NPS MedicineWise handle your personal information, including how to access and correct your personal information and the complaints process, see the respective privacy policies at and