Critical illness coverMoney to help you recover

Affordable cover for specified serious illnesses

Critical Illness Cover pays a lump sum of up to $50,000, dependent on your level of cover, if you are diagnosed with a covered illness in Australia, including certain cancers and cardiovascular illnesses+. Cover is only available if you undergo the specified treatment, and if the illness occurs more than 90 days from cover starting. You can spend this money as you wish.

Cover starts from less than $1 a day (based on $50,000 single cover for a 35 year old).

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Serious illnesses can be financially stressful

Recovering from a serious illness can take time. Chemotherapy, recovery from surgery, and getting back to full-time work can take months. You may also incur additional costs such as:

  • Lifestyle adjustments: if your illness affects your mobility you might need to hire home help, or make modifications to your home
  • Follow-up visits to the doctor
  • Ongoing rehabilitation services such as physiotherapy and aqua-aerobics

How critical illness cover works

Critical Illness Cover pays you a lump sum of up to $50,000, dependent on your level of cover, if you're diagnosed with a covered illness in Australia and undergo the specified treatment+. You can have the money ready to use however you choose as the bills come in. No cover is provided for illnesses occurring within 90 days of cover starting .

Additional features include:

  • Fast payouts: on average we pay approved claims within 5 working days of receiving the required documents
  • Easy application process: apply in minutes with no medical questionnaires or examinations
  • Great value on family cover^: cover your partner and kids for one low price if they are covered by your HCF family membership

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We’re here to help

At HCF, we have an Australian based call centre with expert consultants ready to talk with you about our range of Life cover.

If you have any questions or need more information, call our Life Solutions Team on 1800 560 855.


When taking out Critical Illness Cover, it’s important to know what your cover does and doesn’t include.

  • Covered illnesses: Critical Illness Cover doesn't cover every type of serious illness. The Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) contains a table of illnesses that are covered, treatments required and what is excluded.
  • Benefit Amounts: Depending on your level of cover, $25,000 and $50,000 are the maximum benefit amounts you could receive for a covered illness. Benefit amounts for some illnesses are less than these amounts. The PDS tells you what the benefit amount is for each covered illness.
  • Pre-existing conditions: Critical Illness Cover doesn’t pay for any condition, illness or ailment where the signs or symptoms of which, in the opinion of a medical practitioner appointed by HCF Life, existed at any time before the policy was entered into, even if a diagnosis had not been made.
  • 30-day money back guarantee: if you change your mind about Critical Illness Cover, you can cancel it in the first 30 days and receive a full refund of your premiums provided you have not made a claim.

Cover is subject to exclusions, including for pre-existing conditions. No benefit is payable for serious illnesses that occur on the commencement date or within 90 days of the cover commencing. Does not cover illnesses diagnosed, or medical procedures undertaken, outside Australia. The maximum total of all benefits payable under your policy is the benefit amount selected.

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Please consider the combined Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Financial Services Guide (FSG) available by calling 13 13 34 or visiting You should consider your financial situation, objectives, and needs before deciding on this product as any advice provided does not take these into account.

Critical Illness Cover is issued by our own HCF Life Insurance Company Pty Ltd. ABN 37 001 831 250, AFSL 236 806 (HCF Life). HCF Life is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Hospitals Contribution Fund of Australia Limited, ABN 68 000 026 746, AFSL 241 414 (HCF). The premiums for the life insurance products are paid to HCF Life. HCF distributes Critical Illness and receives commission from HCF Life for their sale of 40% of the first year’s premium plus an additional commission of 80% of HCF Life’s underwriting profit each year calculated as premiums less claims and expenses. HCF’s staff receive an incentive depending on the annual premium of these products which they sell. This will not exceed 20% of the first year’s premium.