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We get it, accidents and injuries happen. We also understand the path to recovery is dotted with unexpected costs – transport, meals, cleaners, shopping and visits to the doctor.

Personal Accident Insurance from our Recover Cover range of recovery and life insurance products gives you flexible financial help as a lump sum payment* to support you with your recovery.  

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"I got a lovely surprise as a cash payment went straight into my bank account in a week or so, it was wonderful. [Personal Accident Insurance] helped with my bills and HCF were just excellent. I feel so blessed that I am with HCF. I feel like HCF really showed me a level of care that you don’t get everywhere.”

Anne, Recover Cover member, Personal Accident Insurance



Personal Accident Insurance is designed by us. We were voted Australia’s most trusted health fund by Roy Morgan Net Trust survey 3 years in a row^, so you can count on us to put your needs first.  

Who can apply?
People aged 55–74 who are permanent residents of Australia, with cover expiring at 85.  

What does it pay for?
Available in 2 levels of personal accident cover:   

  • $25,000 cover level pays from $250–$7,500 for specified injuries including fractures, burns and dislocations that are a result of an accident and $25,000 for accidental death#.
  • $50,000 cover level pays from $500–$15,000 for specified injuries including fractures, burns and dislocations that are a result of an accident and $50,000 for accidental death#.  

What makes our Personal Accident Insurance uncommon?   
Our Personal Accident Insurance is:  

  • affordable: $3.20 per week for the $25,000 cover level, and $6.35 per week for the $50,000 cover level 
  • fast: most claims are paid in less than 5 days (once we get the information we need)  
  • easy: no complex medical checks when you take out cover
  • flexible: cash payments* give you flexibility to recover your way.  

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When does my cover begin?
Your cover starts the day after the cover commencement date.

Does the premium increase with age?
No, your premium does not increase with age.

Is there a maximum benefit for injuries caused by the same accident?
The maximum benefit paid for all injuries caused by the same accident is $7,500 on the $25,000 level of cover and $15,000 on the $50,000 level of cover.

Have another question? Head over to our Recover Cover FAQs to find answers on topics like eligibility, quotes and waiting periods.
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Important Information

Please read the Personal Accident Product Disclosure Statement, Policy Document and Financial Services Guide available by calling 1800 560 855 or visiting, and consider your financial situation, objectives, and needs before deciding on these products as any advice provided does not take these into account. Personal Accident Insurance is issued by our own HCF Life Insurance Company Pty Ltd. ABN 37 001 831 250, AFSL 236 806 (HCF Life). HCF Life is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Hospitals Contribution Fund of Australia Limited ABN 68 000 026 746, AFSL241 414 (HCF). The premiums for Personal Accident Insurance paid to HCF Life. HCF receives commission from HCF Life for their sale of up to 40% of the first year's premium plus an additional commission of 80% of HCF Life's underwriting profit each year calculated as premiums less claims and expenses. HCF's staff may receive an incentive depending on the annual premium of these products which they sell. This will not exceed 15% of the first year's premium.

*Get your cash payment when your claim is approved.
^Roy Morgan Net Trust Survey 2018, 2019 and 2020.
#Subject to exclusions and limitations - please refer to the PDS and the Policy Document for further information.

HCF Life is a member of the Financial Services Council and we are bound by its Life Insurance Code of Practice which sets out the Australian life insurance industry’s key commitments and obligations to customers. Further information is available at