Smart Term Insurance


Helps your family pay the mortgage, school fees and other long-term commitments if you die.


Covers Australians aged 18-54 for death and terminal illness.+


A lump sum of up to $500,000.


From $8.10 per week for $500,000 cover for a 35 year-old female.

Keep providing for your family

Even the best medical treatment may not be enough sometimes. As a provider, your loss can leave an emotional  hole for your family, and a financial one too.

Smart Term Insurance allows you to provide for them even after you're gone. It pays a large lump sum that could help your family cover your mortgage, school fees and living costs if you weren't around to look after them.

what does it cover

Smart Term Insurance covers Australian's aged 18 - 54 for death and terminal illnesss (excludes pre-existing conditions and suicide for the first 13 months).

It pays a lump sum of up to $500,000, which is doubled (to a maximum of $1 million) if death is the result of an accident.

It also comes with the following additional benefits:

  • Cover for funeral expenses: an early payment of $10,000 to your loved ones to help cover funeral expenses while we finalise your claim (the funeral benefit is available for death resulting from an accident, or if you have held the policy for more than 3 years).
  • Early payment for terminal illness: pays the full benefit early if you're diagnosed with a terminal illness, so you can use the money while you're still around.
  • Easy application process: apply online in minutes with no medical questionnaires or examinations.
  • 30-day money back guarantee: if you change your mind about Smart Term Insurance and haven't made a claim, you can cancel it in the first 30 days and receive a full refund of your premiums.

important things to know

When taking out Smart Term Insurance, it's important to know some of the detail about what your cover does and doesn't provide:

  • Pre-existing conditions: Smart Term Insurance doesn't pay for death or terminal illness resulting from a medical condition you've suffered prior to taking out the policy. For example, death from the recurrance of a cancer you may have had prior to taking out the policy wouldn't be covered. However, death arising from an accident or any other cause would still be covered.
  • Early funeral payments: in order to qualify for the $10,000 early payment for funeral expenses, you need to have held the policy for more than 3 years, or death needs to have been the result of an accident. The money is paid as a lump sum to your loved ones.

Please read the Smart Term Insurance PDS & FSG