Mid Plus Hospital and Platinum Extras

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Mid Plus Hospital

  • Heart surgery
  • Joint replacements
  • Rehabilitation

Platinum Extras

  • HCF's most comprehensive Extras cover
  • Highest annual limits
  • Increasing loyalty limits each year

All our package products include

Accident related treatment and no excess charged for accident related treatment
Emergency ambulance
Removal of tonsils, adenoids and appendix
Surgical treatment of a hernia
Removal of kidney stones & gall stones
Digestive disorder procedures
e.g. bowel surgery
e.g. bowel surgery
Cancer related services
e.g. chemotherapy
e.g. chemotherapy
Diagnostic and preventive dental
Including examinations, single film x-rays, removal of plaque/calculus and application of fluoride
Including examinations, single film x-rays, removal of plaque/calculus and application of fluoride
Chiropractic and osteopathy
Remedial massage
and/or myotherapy
and/or myotherapy
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What's covered

Mid Plus Hospital

Comprehensive hospital cover for those not requiring cover for pregnancy

Waiting period
Waiting periods for pre-existing ailments (excluding psychiatric, rehabilitation and palliative care) The waiting period for pre-existing ailments is 12 months. The waiting period for psychiatric services, rehabilitation services and palliative care is 2 months. Emergency ambulance services have a 12 month waiting period for pre-existing ailments. A pre-existing ailment, illness or condition is one where the signs or symptoms existed in the six months before joining HCF or upgrading your cover. 12 months
Emergency ambulance 1 day
(12 mths pre-existing)
Accident related treatment after joining (for services included in your cover. Minimum Benefit services paid at Minimum Benefits) 2 months
(12 mths pre-existing)

Platinum Extras

Top level extras with the highest coverage for therapies and services

extras waiting period
Waiting Periods
General dental 2 months
Major dental 12 months
Optical 2 months
Therapies (excluding foot orthotics) 2 months
Travel and Accommodation 2 months
Vaccines and Immunisations 2 months
Artificial aids 12 months
Hearing aids 12 months
Health Management Programs 2 months
Pre-existing ailments and conditions 12 months
*Please see the Product summary for information on policy inclusions

Dental Hide details

Max 2 check ups, 2 scale and clean, and 1 fluoride treatment per person, per year
General dental Examinations $34 - $84
General dental Single film x-rays $34
General dental Removal of plaque / calculus $40 - $75
General dental Application of fluoride $29
Year 1 $1,000 limit
General dental Direct fillings (1-2 surfaces) $105 - $148
General dental Direct fillings (3 or more surfaces) $177 - $256
General dental Simple extractions $120 - $175
Major dental Indirect fillings $341 - $767
Major dental Surgical extractions $210 - $330
Major dental Occlusal therapy $38 - $400
Major dental Treatment of tissue surrounding teeth $27 - $430
Major dental Treatment of root canals $32 - $285
Major dental Preparation and/or placing of crowns and bridges $280 - $1,100
Major dental Dentures and/or components (partial and complete) $33 - $1,300
$800 LIMIT for ORTHODONTISTS ($400 LIMIT if general dentist) Lifetime limit $2,400 or $1,200 for services by dentists, other than orthodontists
Major dental Orthodontics - orthodontist / other dentists Up to $800/$400
$275 limit
Optical Spectacle frames $135
Optical Spectacle lenses - pair (excludes add-ons such as high index material, coatings and tinting) $150
Optical Contact lenses - pair $160
Year 1 $600 limit
Therapy Physiotherapy – initial / subsequent $60 / $54
Therapy Exercise physiology (group / class consultations covered under Health Management Program) $40
Year 1 $600 limit
Therapy Occupational therapy $72
Therapy Psychology (after Medicare entitlement exhausted) $100
Year 1 $300 limit
Therapy Chiropractic - initial / subsequent $45 / $35
Therapy Osteopathy - initial / subsequent $50 / $40
Year 1 $300 limit Sub-limit $250 per therapy service
Therapy Remedial massage and/or myotherapy - initial / subsequent $40 / $35
Therapy Acupuncture and/or Chinese herbal medicine consultation - initial / subsequent $40 / $35
Therapy Naturopathy and/or nutrition consultation - initial / subsequent $40 / $35
Therapy Alexander technique - initial / subsequent $40 / $35
Year 1 $250
Therapy Podiatry (including foot orthotics) - initial / subsequent $40 / $35
Therapy Dietetics - initial / subsequent $55
Therapy Audiology - initial / subsequent $70
Therapy Speech pathology - initial / subsequent $83
Max $250 per policy
Other Travel and Accommodation (200km round trip) $50
$280 limit
Other HCF approved pharmacy (After PBS equivalent co-payment subtracted) Up to $50 per script
Other HCF approved vaccines and immunisations (After PBS equivalent co-payment subtracted) Up to $50 per script
Max $200 per policy
Other Artificial aids (HCF approved e.g. low vision aids) $55 - $200
$800 - $1,800
Other Hearing aids $800 (benefits accrue and renew every three years)
$200 per person max $400 per policy
Other Health Management Programs (HCF approved e.g. exercise classes) $200 per person/max $400 per policy


Pregnancy, birth and assisted reproductive services (IVF)
Gastric banding and obesity surgery
Care involving dialysis for chronic renal failure
Cochlear implant surgery and bone anchored hearing devices
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