Life insurance FAQs

Cash Back Cover

What's the waiting period on accidents?

There's no waiting period on accidents for Cash Back Cover.

Am I covered if the accident happens overseas?

No, Cash Back Cover only covers accidents in Australia.

Can I claim more than once on a Cash Back policy?

Yes, you can claim multiple times on your Cash Back policy, up to $20,000 for singles and $40,000 for family policies.

What's your definition of an accident?

An accident is an external violent visible event occurring during the period of insurance, and which results directly or independently of all other causes in injury.

Do you cover New Zealand citizens?

Yes, provided you're permanently living in Australia.

Kids' Accident Cover

What's the maximum payment under Kids' Accident Cover?

$100,000 is the maximum payable for Kids' Accident Cover.

Is racing covered and what's your definition of racing?

Racing isn't covered under Kids' Accident Cover. Racing is defined as 'any speed contest involving the use of a powered vehicle or device or any form of organised speed contest'.

What happens to the cover when my child turns 17?

The cover ends on your child's 17th birthday. To discuss a replacement policy please call us on 13 13 34.

Income Assist Insurance

Am I covered if I'm made redundant?

No, unfortunately redundancy isn't covered under Income Assist Insurance.

I have 2 jobs and work more than 21 hours on each. Will I be covered for both jobs if I become sick and unable to work?

You can only be covered for 1 job. You'll have to decide which job you'd like to be covered for.

Can I apply for Income Assist Insurance if I'm self-employed?

Yes, provided you've been self-employed for at least 12 months.

Can I apply on behalf of my child, who's a dependant on my health cover?

No, cover is available for people aged 18–54. The person being insured must apply for their cover.

Is depression and anxiety covered under Income Assist Insurance?

We don't pay a benefit for mental illness, including anxiety, stress, depression, psychoses, neuroses, physical fatigue, personality disorder, addiction, a psychiatric disorder or any associated disease or disorder.

The exception to this is if you're receiving a workers' compensation payment as a result of your mental health condition.

Critical Illness Cover

What's Critical Illness Cover?

Critical Illness Cover pays cash up to $25,000 or $50,000 (depending on your level of cover) if you experience any of the critical illnesses specified in the benefits table.

Who's covered under my Family Critical Illness Cover and how much is the benefit amount for each person covered under the policy?

Family Cover covers all the people listed on your HCF family health cover. The maximum benefit amount of $25,000 or $50,000 is payable to each person.

What happens to our Family Critical Illness Cover when me or my partner turn 65?

Cover ends when you turn 65. This will apply to other family members if they turn 65 beforehand. 

What's the waiting period for cancer?

The waiting period is 90 days from the date your cover starts. 

Smart Term Insurance

Am I covered outside of Australia?

Yes, you're insured anywhere in the world.

Can I nominate a beneficiary for my Smart Term Insurance policy?

No, the proceeds of your policy will be paid based on your last will and testament.

Can I still apply for Smart Term Insurance if I already have a life insurance policy with another insurance company?

Yes, the sum insured will be paid even if you have other life insurance policies.

What's a pre-existing condition and why is it excluded in the Smart Term Insurance policy?

A pre-existing condition means a condition you had either at the time, or any time before, you took out your policy.

Smart Term is a 'risk' insurance policy – this means cover can only be offered when there's a genuine risk of a person suffering a condition in the future. It would be impossible to offer a competitive price if cover was issued to people with existing serious illnesses.

Personal Accident Insurance

What's Personal Accident Insurance?

Personal Accident Insurance pays up to $7,500 or $15,000 (depending on your level of cover) if you experience one of the injuries listed in the table of benefits.

Who can apply for this policy?

Anyone who's a permanent resident of Australia aged 55–74.

When does my cover begin?

Your cover starts within 24 hours of the cover commencement date.

Does the premium increase with age?

No, your premium stays the same.

Bounceback Cover

Who can apply for this policy?

Bounceback Cover is available to Australian permanent residents aged 16–30.

When does my policy end?

You can keep your Bounceback Cover until you're 65.

I have a pre-existing illness, can I have this cover?

You can take out this cover, but we don't pay benefits for pre-existing injuries or illnesses for the life of the policy.