HCF-funded Curo trial

Thanks for your interest in the Curo trial. Applications have now closed.

An opportunity to help trial technology that promotes independent living

We’re working with an Australian company, Curo Technologies, to run a trial of an in-home monitoring service that can help members remain living independently in their own homes as they get older.

The service will enable members to maintain independence while giving relatives and friends increased peace of mind.

How it works

The Curo in-home monitoring kit consists of a number of small movement-monitoring devices, which are installed in key areas of the home.

The devices detect the normal pattern of human movement, such as opening a fridge or bathroom door. If the pattern differs from usual, a relative or friend can be alerted via a smartphone app.

The trial

We’re looking for 250 participants in total from Melbourne and Sydney who would like to participate in a 12-month trial of the Curo kit.

If you’re selected, the kit will be delivered and installed in your home at no cost to you. Your Curo devices will be set up by Curo’s trial team, and Curo will teach you how to get started.

Your chosen relatives or friends will have the Curo app installed on their smartphone, be given instructions on how to use it, and may monitor and respond to any alerts received via the app.

Are you eligible?

You may be eligible to participate if you:

  • are an HCF member
  • are aged 65+
  • live alone
  • live in Melbourne or Sydney
  • have a loved one or friend you are comfortable sharing your activity data with

How to apply

With a number of trial places already filled, we encourage you to express your interest as soon as possible by completing this short form.

Providing feedback

To understand how Curo has helped you, we’ll be asking all participants and their relatives and friends who are involved with the trial, to complete short surveys before, during and after the trial.

What happens at the end of the trial?

We’ll fully fund the cost of the Curo kit and service for the 12-month duration of the trial. You’ll then have the option to keep the equipment (and continue to receive the service at your own cost), or have the equipment removed by the Curo team (at no cost to you).

The Curo team will be in touch towards the end of the trial period to discuss these options further.

Is Curo an emergency service?

No. Curo is a passive system that alerts a relative or friend in the event monitored movement patterns change. It’s important to understand that Curo is not designed to recognise an emergency situation, does not monitor all movements of an individual and does not replace any existing healthcare services (such as doctor, nurse, ambulance, hospital, 000) you may already have access to.

Learn more about the Curo service

Your privacy

Will HCF see my activity data?
No. While we’ll know which HCF members are participating in the trial, we’ll only receive de-identified and aggregated information from Curo. It won’t be possible to identify the activity of individuals from this de-identified and aggregated information.

Will Curo be able to see my health insurance claims?
No. We’ll only share aggregated and de-identified claims information with Curo. It won’t be possible to identify the claims of individuals from this information.

Your information
If you complete the Expression of Interest form, your details will be received by Curo so they can get in touch.

If you’re offered a place and decide to participate in the trial, Curo will be collecting, holding, using and disclosing information from you and your relative/friend for the purpose of the trial.

For more information about how Curo handles personal information, including how to access and correct personal information, make a complaint and how Curo will deal with such a complaint, please see Curo's privacy policy.

For more information about how HCF handles personal information, including how to access and correct personal information, make a complaint and how HCF will deal with such a complaint, please see HCF's privacy policy.