HCF Research Foundation grants additional $1 million to improve health outcomes in Australia

28 March 2017: The HCF Research Foundation, which is Australia’s leading non-government funder of health services research, is proud to announce that it will be providing over $1milllion additional funding in 2017 to improve the health outcomes of Australians. The money will go towards research programs aimed at improving the provision, administration and delivery of health services.

This new funding is an accumulation of eight new research grants ranging from $40,000 to almost $300,000. The successful research projects receiving funding cover a whole array of health service areas; from looking at how different models of maternity care can impact the physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing of mothers and babies, to exploring ways in which hospital-acquired malnutrition can be identified and reduced.

Another project will assess whether an intervention which doesn’t involve drugs can be used on patients with a severe type of lung disease, to help reduce their breathlessness. A separate study will look at how to improve outcomes for patients with rib fractures, and reduce complications acquired by these patients in hospital.

HCF Research Foundation recognises the importance of research in all the funded areas, as part of its broader goal to improve the quality, efficiency, access to and equity of provision of health services in Australia. It is proudly the only research foundation that commits 100 per cent of its funding to health services research undertaken by Australian researchers. 

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