HCF partners with Healthshare to improve patient decision making

31 October 2016: HCF is partnering with digital health platform Healthshare, to provide members with important tools to help them select a care provider.

By aligning Healthshare’s practitioner referrals platform with HCF’s extensive data set, general practitioners (GPs) can now search for and select the most appropriate and conveniently located specialist participating in the HCF Known-Gap and No-Gap scheme. The GP can then automatically populate a referral including patient and specialist details.

Through Healthshare’s consumer portal, healthshare.com.au, patients also have the option to search for this information themselves to conduct their own research on medical specialists and other allied health professionals. As a result, patients can discuss with their GPs upfront about being referred to a specialist with no out-of-pocket costs, or a known out-of-pocket cost of up to $500, at the location of their choice.

Read our media release for more information.