What Australians think of artificial intelligence in healthcare

19 December 2016: Results from HCF’s new Health Barometer Survey reveal Aussies are ready to embrace Artificial Intelligence (AI) in health care, leading the way for further innovation and improved patient care. 

The findings show over 80 per cent of surveyed Australians are comfortable with AI being used to diagnose common medical problems and interpret test results. In addition to prescribing treatment for patients (72%). 

According to survey results, technology advancement is largely seen as a positive. But there’s still scepticism and uncertainty about how and why it would be used in the health system. People identified medical confidentiality (58%) and the lack of human intuition (57%) as issues.

Just under two-thirds (58%) of respondents think AI is a major step in the right direction for early disease detection and reduced incidence of death. More than half (53%) of Australians believe the use of AI will reduce the pressures on the current health care system. While almost half (46%) think the technology can help relieve medical staff to focus on more important tasks. 

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