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About HCF 

HCF, leading not-for-profit health fund protecting Australians since 1932, covers 1.5 million members with health and life insurance, community care, travel and pet insurance. 

On average over the last five years, HCF has paid out more cents in every dollar in premiums to members as benefits than the industry average. With over 35,000 specialists participating in its Medical Gap Cover Scheme and more than 10,000 clinicians participating in its 100% back More for You programs, HCF gives members access to quality health care with no gaps or minimal costs compared to non-participating providers. 

To empower members to put their health first, HCF also offers a range of health and lifestyle services including its My Health Guardian health management program, mobile Victor Chang Heart Health Checks and My Global Specialist second opinion service. 

HCF’s national network of retail outlets and Australian-based call centres have earned multi-award winning status. HCF members also have access to low cost, high quality services at HCF Dental Centres and HCF Eyecare Centres. 

Having contributed $50 million to support the health services research funded by the HCF Research Foundation, HCF is devoted to investing in the future of Australia’s health. 

To learn more about HCF go to hcf.com.au/about-us

Media contacts

For all media contacts, please contact Buchan Consulting on 02 9237 2819 or via email HCF@buchanwe.com.au