Dubbo, 27 October, 2016 – HCF, leading not-for-profit health fund, has revealed results of the free health checks provided to residents of the Orana region from 3 September to 3 October 2016. The results show Dubbo still needs to focus on reducing key risk factors to achieve better health.

Over 1,600 local residents visited the HCF Health Station to be tested for blood pressure, heart rate, weight, Body Mass Index (BMI) and body fat percentage. Test results showed:

  • 61% of people tested for BMI were advised to lose weight.
  • 80% of men (4 out of 5) and 65% of women (2 out of 3) were found to have at least one health risk.
  • 28% of those tested (14% of men and 14% of women) had more than three health risks, including high blood pressure, BMI and heart rate*.
  • 21% of males and 20% of females recorded a very high or high blood pressure rating.
  • 29% of males and 28% of females recorded a very high or high BMI rating.

The Far West and Orana regions have previously been ranked as second worst in the state for heart-related hospital admissions1, of which 35.7 per cent of patients were recorded as obese and 64.5 per cent insufficiently active1.

HCF Dubbo branch manager Dale Wykes said the free health checks were an important initiative which would help address preventable health issues in the local community.

“At HCF we believe health comes first, that’s why we’re proud to support initiatives, such as the HCF Health Station, which help the detection of treatable and preventable health conditions. As the results show there is still room for improvement, we aim to empower residents to be proactive about positive lifestyle changes that will have long term benefits”.

“We encourage locals to use these results as a trigger to start or continue their journey towards improving their health,” Dale said.

Residents can make use of the many digital tools and free online resources from HCF to help them reach their health and fitness goals. HCF’s suite of healthy apps includes a Get Fitter app, offering advice and tailored exercise plans, a Be Happier app, including tools to improve mental and emotional wellbeing, and a Quit Smoking app to help smokers stay focused on their smoke-free goals.

* Health risks were defined by patients recording:

  • Blood pressure (BP) 140/90+
  • BMI 25+
  • Heart rate 100+

1Heart Foundation, Mapping Out Australia’s Heart Health, 17 August 2016



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